Focus On The School for Young Performers Math

by NYC Private Schools on August 31, 2014

The School for Young Performers is a unique private school located in Manhattan. Established in 1982, the school’s primary purpose is to educate children who are in the world of performing arts. In some cases, students are children of celebrities.

Designed for the unique lifestyles of children who are also performers, the educational schedules and curriculum are designed for the specific needs of children who cannot sit in a classroom all day every day.

The School for Young Performers Math Curriculum

The School for Young Performers is a K-12 private school. The math curriculum begins in first grade.

In first grade, students learn to add and subtract while beginning to develop their problem solving skills. Students move on to multiplication and division in grade three. They also take on the understanding of fractions and develop a deeper understanding of number relationships and reasoning.

Fourth graders delve deeper into multiplication and division while preparing for higher math concepts.

While in fifth grade, students begin to develop a deeper understanding of geometric concepts that include volume and area. They also learn to graph and chart, developing their mathematical organizational skills.

Middle school math prepares students for high school using a systematic approach that introduces algebra, geometry, and advanced math concepts.

High school students are required to take three years of math to graduate. Students also have the opportunity to earn an Honors Diploma or an Honors Diploma with Distinction. From Algebra to Calculus, students are challenged and encouraged to be their best. In addition to Honors courses, Upper School students can take Advanced Placement math classes.



Focus On St. David’s School Math

by NYC Private Schools on August 30, 2014

St. David’s School is an all boys Catholic school with a traditional classical educational bent. Located in Manhattan, the school opened its doors in 1951 with the help of nine Catholic families. The school is independent and not associated with any particular New York City parish.

They offer a program from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

St. David’s Math Curriculum

In pre-kindergarten, students study math using two dimensions. They learn to recognize and replicate patterns. They also learn to recognize the numerals and count to thirty.

Kindergarten students work on their basic number sense.

Students in first grade learn to recognize the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers. They practice addition and subtraction while learning how to solve problems through game play, and they get to use iPads.

Second grade math continues to develop the numbers sense gained in earlier grades and takes students further into problem solving.

By the time they finish lower school boys are ready for the middle school grades. In fourth and fifth grades, mathematics gets more challenging as students begin to learn algebraic expressions, work with fractions and decimals, and prepare for high-level geometry. Sixth graders use the Geometer’s Sketchpad.

In seventh grade, students begin studying Algebra I. They continue the two-year Algebra I track in eighth grade.

Grades four through eight are characterized by open-ended investigation when solving math problems. Boys learn to acquire a process for leading them to an answer to a question without having to rely on a standard procedure.

By the time they graduate St. David’s School, boys are ready for high school math.



Focus On St. Edmund Preparatory HS Math

by NYC Private Schools on August 29, 2014

St. Edmund Preparatory High School is a Catholic college prep school that operates under the St. Edmund parish in Brooklyn. It is an extension of the St. Edmund Elementary School operated by the same parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

St. Edmund’s has a strong math department and curriculum that prepares students for college and for life.

St. Edmund Preparatory High School Math Curriculum

Math at St. Edmund Preparatory High School is integrated into other curricular areas, to include science, business, and computers. Several classes in these disciplines require a strong math foundation and strengthen further the math skills of the students enrolled in those classes.

The math foundation at St. Edmund Preparatory High School includes:

  • Integrated Algebra Regents for Freshmen
  • Integrated Algebra Honors (Freshman course)
  • Integrated Algebra SG (also a Freshman class)
  • Geometry Regents and Geometry Honors (both for Freshmen and Sophomores)
  • Sophomore class Geometry SG
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry (for Sophomores and Juniors)
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry SG (Junior-level class)
  • Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications (Junior/Senior-level class)
  • College Pre-Calculus (for Juniors and Seniors)
  • College AP Calculus (Junior/Senior class)
  • Math Lab is open to all students who enter high school at a below average math ability

Courses in other disciplines that require a strong math background before students can take them include:

  • Advanced Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science
  • College Accounting
  • Managerial Statistics Honors
  • Physics Regents

All of these classes are upper level courses.

Students at St. Edmund Preparatory High School can take the math regents exams and graduate with additional honors. An International Baccalaureate Program is also available. The IB track has its own math requirements. Advanced students may also earn college credit for math classes taken at St. Edmund.



Discover Your Passion

Do you know a child who has a passion that they would like to pursue further? Music? Soccer? Science? Drawing? Video Game Design? Debate?

If they are in 2nd to 8th grades in a school in NYC (public, private, charter, homeschool), then they are eligible for the second annual Michael Perelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund’s Discover Your Passion™ Competition.

The Discover Your Passion™ Competition, administered by The School Choice Group in partnership with The Parents of Accelerated Learners, NYC [PALNYC], encourages parents, teachers, professionals, mentors, community leaders, and schools to identify and showcase exemplary creativity, intellectual pursuits and talent of children. The competition also attempts to bring to the foreground the full range of what talent can be – from the academically advanced “how does it work?” student to the child who loves animals and has the potential to harness that passion to be the next Temple Grandin or Jane Goodall.

The competition offers New York City-based students an opportunity to explore their unique gifts, talents and passions in an area of their choice. The $20,000 Scholarship Fund will be awarded to children who show exceptional promise in academic fields, sports, music, the arts, social entrepreneurship, technology or other disciplines. The Grand Prize Winner receives $5000 toward the pursuit of his or her choice; 3 Second Place Winners receive $3500, and 3 Third Place Winners receive $1500, for a total of $20,000. Finalists will be selected from the two categories: Grades 2-5 and 6-8. The scholarship winners will be announced and awarded their prizes in October in New York City. For complete information about the scholarship and to apply see To read about the 2013 scholarship winners, please see Finding Schools on Blogger.

Support may be provided for any activities identified by the student, from travel, to mentorships, to attendance at relevant programs, to online courses, or equipment for the specific use of that child toward his or her desired goal. Use of these funds is not prescribed by the program, but they must be designed to support the child’s passion. For the musically talented child, for example, the award could support lessons with a noted music instructor, participation in an ensemble, or to purchase a new guitar.

Elizabeth Perelstein, the Chair and Founder for the School Choice Group, established this scholarship fund last year to honor her late husband, Michael Perelstein. Michael died at 56 years old, while he was riding with the Westchester Cycle Club, one of his personal passions. A child of Holocaust survivors, Michael was directed by his parents to consider career and life choices based on practical or financial reasons, and not by his personal interests and unique talents. The Perelstein children followed a different path, pursuing their own passions yet still achieving financial security. Michael then realized the true importance of nurturing passion and talent and even changed careers to support his own. As a result, supporting the passions and talents of children is the mission of The Michael Perelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Please forward to any and all NYC families who may be interested in this opportunity.

About the Author: Shamir A. Khan, Ph.D., is the Founder & Publisher of the NYC Private Schools Blog.

Full disclosure: Dr. Khan is a co-founder of PALNYC and a member of the Advisory Board and a Judge for the Michael Perelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund’s Discover Your Passion™ Competition.



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