Focus On The Child School Middle School

by NYC Private Schools on July 24, 2014

The Child School is a school for children with learning disabilities located on Roosevelt Island. With programs for elementary school students, middle school, and high school, the staff have a program for each grade level from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The middle school curriculum is geared to children in grades six through eight.

Faculty and staff seek to deliver a rigorous academic program. Core curriculum classes include:

  • English
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Home and Career Skills
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education
  • The Arts
  • Foreign Languages

In addition to the core learning objectives, teachers and staff also deal with emotional and psychological issues. Development often includes dealing with low self-esteem, anxiety, social insecurities, and behavioral difficulties.

Preparation for high school often requires dealing with emotional and psychological health issues to help middle school children deal with their natural insecurities in a healthy way. The focus is on improving their self-esteem so that they become better students in middle school and high school and to increase their chances for success in life. Students often go on to some of the best vocational and talent-based high schools.

Students at The Child School also have a variety of co-curricular activities available to them. These include band, chorus, athletics, computer technology, foreign language clubs, gardening, flash animation, ice skating, Legos, and more.



Focus On The Child School Elementary Program

by NYC Private Schools on July 23, 2014

Nestled on Roosevelt Island’s Main Street is The Child School, a school centered on the intellectual and emotional development of children with learning disabilities. The Child School Elementary School provides an educational experience for children in kindergarten and through grade 5.

Started in 1973, the school offers a rich curriculum, athletics, and co-curricular activities.

Students are monitored daily by faculty, teachers, administrators, psychologists, and therapists. All teachers are certified in general and special education practices. When necessary, students receive remedial and individualized education to meet their learning needs.

Curriculum subjects include reading, math, readiness skills, language arts, fine and motor skill development, science, social studies, critical thinking, computers and technology, living and study skills, music, drama, feelings, and visual arts.

The art class teaches students that art is intrinsically human and global. Students learn to serve one another and learn about other cultures.

In music, students learn to get in touch with their inner voice. Students who want to develop beyond the classroom have extra-curricular activities such as performance ensembles and musical instrument training that they can participate in.

Physical education consists of four key areas:

  1. Skill building
  2. Socialization
  3. Teamwork and sportsmanship
  4. Adaptive physical education


B’Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School is a Jewish school in Manhattan that is more than a school. They offer support and academic services for young children and their families as well as school age children of all ages. The faculty are serious about providing an educational experience designed to acquaint students with Hebrew history and culture.

The focus in the Judaics curriculum is on biblical obligations and social justice within the Jewish world.

Students learn to read Hebrew fluently and become familiar with the liturgical services of Shabbat and Jewish holidays. The reading of the Torah is central to the study of Hebrew for all age groups.

In kindergarten, Shabbat is the central focus. Students explore the rituals of Shabbat and learn how families celebrate in their lives. First graders explore Shabbat deeper and become familiar with the synagogue. They also learn Hebrew letter recognition.

The theme for second graders is gemilut hasadim, or acts of loving kindness. Students learn the Jewish roots of mitzvot, which include visiting the sick and caring for planet earth.

The first in-depth study of the Torah begins in third grade. Faculty take them through a study of the book of Genesis and learn the Torah stories through that study. Students dress up and act out their favorite characters in the Torah and explore Midrash.

Fourth graders explore Torah studies through art, drama, and creative writing. They continue to study Genesis and get into Exodus, as well.

Fifth graders delve into rabbinic literature and learn about the structure of and content of the Mishnah and the Talmud. Sixth-grade students study the Jewish life cycle. They get into the deep weeds of each life cycle event and explore the reasoning behind them. Rabbi Roy Matalon teaches a mini-course on tefillin.

In the seventh grade, students study the Holocaust and Jewish history. They explore tough questions on morality through Jewish ethics. They also get a two-part course on Jewish theology.



Focus On B’Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School Early Childhood Program

by NYC Private Schools on July 22, 2014

Just off Broadway on West 89th Street in Manhattan is a Hebrew school committed to the growth of children from the earliest ages to high school. B’Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School offers education for children and support for families within a Jewish environment.

The early childhood education department is designed for families with young children to introduce them to Hebrew worship at a young age. The program is structured around several key areas called

  • Bim Bam – This is a structured time on Friday mornings that consists of pre-Shabbat music, movement, and mitzvah classes for children 3 and under.
  • Tot Shabbat – On the first Friday of every month, children 6 and under meet with their families and educators (usually a rabbi) for a kid-friendly Kabbalat Shabbat service. The service includes singing and dancing. Afterwards there is a dinner.
  • Shabbat Morning Children’s Services - Once a week there is an age-appropriate Shabbat service. Bim Bam is for children 3 and under, Mini-Minyan is for nursery school and pre-kindergarten students, and Minyan Bet Tefillah is for kindergarten through second grade. Shabbat Discovery is a service for children of all ages. Parents are welcome to stay with the children during the services.
  • PJ Library – Sponsored by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, this program sends free books and music home with students. It is an award-winning program that has become a vital piece of early childhood education at B’Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School.
  • Family Events – These include Kiddush, Purim plays, and Bim Bam sessions in the spring.

For more information on B’Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School early childhood program, visit the school’s website.



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Our Lady Queen of Peace Elementary School

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