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Queens Paideia School is an independent school with a K-12 curriculum. Founded in 2009, the school uses the Singapore Math curriculum. Information about the school's math curriculum is on the school's website. The school groups students by ages, not grades. The math curriculum is divided in such manner: Foundations of Number Sense: Ages 5-7 Number [...]

In Queens, a Catholic school that goes by the name of St. Francis of Assissi School seeks to educate children from two years old through eighth grade in both a traditional academic curriculum and a strong religious faith. The school got its start in 1951 and includes a strong math curriculum. Students in preschool get [...]

St. Francis of Assissi School is a Catholic private school in the borough of Queens. The school offers a traditional curriculum with religious instruction for students age 2 up through eighth grade. Starting in sixth grade, students begin to change classes three times a day and prepare for high school. The curriculum is a traditional [...]

In Queens, St. Francis of Assissi School offers a Catholic education from preschool through eighth grade. Starting at age 2, students get a well-rounded education that includes all the core subject areas and religious instruction. Elementary school begins in first grade and runs through fifth. Students enrolled at St. Francis of Assissi enter the first [...]

Queens Paideia School is a K-12 private school in Long Island City that provides individualized learning plans for all students. The class sizes are kept small to maximize individual learning time. In fact, the student-teacher ratio is 6:1. Even the Queens Paideia High School maintains the 6:1 student-teacher ratio and utilizes individualized learning plans. Teachers [...]

For Jewish day schools, none can surpass the Solomon Schechter School of Queens in terms of excellence and commitment to instilling Jewish identity in young children. Programs start in preschool and end at eighth grade with divisions for early childhood as well as lower and middle schools. The middle school is set up for sixth [...]

The Solomon Schechter School of Queens is a Jewish day school that consists of an early childhood program, a lower school, and an upper school. Programs go up through eighth grade. Students learn Judaic principles while studying traditional subjects. The lower school is for children grades 1 through 5. Academically, students learn to value hard [...]

Solomon Schecter has a school named after him Manhattan and another one named after him in Queens. The Queens school is a Jewish day school sponsored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. It's also affiliated with the Solomon Schechter Day School Association. Curricula at the school cover pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The focus at [...]

St. Luke's School in Queens remains small in order to keep its class sizes small. As a Catholic school, faculty believe this is imperative in order to maximize one-on-one attention and to deliver a quality academic curriculum coupled with effective religious training. The school offers a traditional curriculum divided into a lower school and an [...]

St. Francis of Assisi School in Astoria, Queens is a Catholic private school that caters to students from toddler age to eighth grade. The toddler program at St. Francis of Assisi School in Queens begins at age two. Children get play time, story time, and engage with learning through arts and crafts. St. Francis of [...]

St. Luke's School in Queens is a small school with a lower school program and an upper school program. The school educates children from preschool through eighth grade. A traditional school with a traditional curriculum, St. Luke's keeps class sizes small so that students get maximum one on one attention. The lower school curriculum is [...]

The Jewish Institute of Queens is a Jewish school that teaches Hebrew and grounds students in the study and love of Torah. Training for boys consists of pre-kindergarten through eight grade. Girls experience a curriculum through twelfth grade. The elementary school proffers education for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The upper school is made up of [...]

Located in Elmhurst, the Jewish Institute of Queens is a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade educational institution. However, it is unique in that it serves boys only from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade while providing curricula for girls from Pre-K through twelfth grade. Using an innovative approach to education, the Jewish Institute of Queens Elementary School has [...]

Queens Paideia School (QPS), known for its 6:1 student-teacher ratio and fully individualized education that emphasizes strong academics, thinking skills, and self-management skills, announces a Merit Scholarship program worth a total of $150,000. Students 13 and up are eligible to apply for the 2014-15/16 school year. The school is holding an Open House at 9:15 [...]

In Flushing, a neighborhood of Queens, there is a community center offering services to Queens residents of all ages. Among those services are early childhood education and learning programs for school age children. It is called Queens Community House. Queens Community House serves the Queens borough with 22 locations in 11 neighborhoods. The Queens Childcare [...]

The Central Queens community can be proud that it has an organization like the Central Queens Y serving it with educational and community services every day. The Central Queens Y is a 501(c)3 organization serving a diverse community of more than 10,000 people in the Central Queens area. One of the ways the Y serves [...]

When the city of New York offered to buy an athletic field from a Queens private school, school officials said no. The Jackson Heights private school board thought that a private developer could come up with the money more quickly. But when that didn't happen, they went back to the city to renegotiate. And they [...]

The students at Our Lady Of Lourdes School in Queens Village celebrated Catholic Schools Week in a special way this week - by posting a video to YouTube honoring their school teachers. Catholic Schools week started Monday, January 29, 2012 and runs through today, February 3, 2012. Friday is an early dismissal day for the [...]

NYC Private Schools Blog has reviewed many different private schools in all five boroughs of New York City. Below is a partial list of Queens private schools, which include Queens preschools, Queens nursery schools, Queens elementary schools, Queens middle schools, Queens high schools, Queens religious schools, Queens independent schools, Queens nonprofit schools, Queens for profit [...]

Yesterday we shared 36 private school reviews for schools in Queens. Today, we'll point you to 36 more reviews of private schools located in the Queens borough of New York City. Are you ready? Let's get down to brass tacks. Promise Christian Academy Queens Lutheran School Queens Village Day School Queensview Nursery School & Kindergarten [...]

NYC Private Schools Blog has managed to publish 72 Queens private schools reviews. Today, we'll point you to 36 of them. Tomorrow, we'll show you the way to the other 36. These are independent, religious, and private schools located in the Queens borough of New York City, ranging from special needs, Armenian, Jewish, Lutheran, Catholic, [...]