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About NYC Private Schools Blog

Our Mission

The NYC Private Schools Blog is an online community which encompasses all aspects of NYC private, independent, and religious schools (approximately 800 schools).

As an independent, parent-focused blog, here is a sampling of the topics we cover:
• NYC private schools in all 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, & Staten Island);
• Different types of schools, which include: a) Private & Independent schools (e.g., traditional, progressive, Montessori, learning and developmental disability, gifted, etc.), and b) Religious schools (e.g., Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Quaker, etc.);
• Different entry points (preschool, kindergarten/elementary school, middle school, high school);
• Diversity (e.g., social and economic issues; minority and multicultural students)
• Admissions process (selecting schools, the applications, the interviews, testing, etc.)
• Paying for private schools and the financial aid process;
• International, national, & local issues which impact NYC private schools (e.g., legal rulings or changes in policies);
• NYC private school leaders (e.g., Dr. Ghassan Elcheikhali from the Razi School and Rabbi Arthur Schneier from The Park East Day School)
• Exceptional programs within NYC private schools (e.g., the Eat Right Now Lunch Program at The Calhoun School);
• Child & adolescent mental health (e.g., suicide, bereavement, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.)
• Child development and learning issues (e.g., ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities, etc.)
• Life in NYC private schools (e.g., arts programs, academic programs, sports programs, study abroad, community service, etc.);
• Entertainment about NYC private schools (e.g., NYC Prep on Bravo, Getting In…Kindergarten documentary, Nursery University documentary)
• “Green” issues and eco-friendly NYC private schools

In the next years, we will add an additional focus on advocacy, in which we will critically examine the NYC private schools admissions process and some accepted practices, particularly those that concern transparency. Topics that we will look at include: the ethics of prepping for the ERBs, the research regarding the validity of the ERBs and other admissions tests, diversity in private schools, the lack of “full disclosure data” on private schools’ websites/promotional materials, why some schools still use an outdated system of handing out applications, why you should or should not use an admissions coach/service, etc.

We hope that as you begin to spend some time here with us, you will begin to interact with fellow parents, educators, psychologists, journalists, and experts on our site.

We welcome your comments and questions and will try to respond to them. Our blog is updated on a regular basis to give you up to the minute information on New York City Private Schools, so bookmark us and check back often or subscribe by email.

The NYC Private Schools Blog is owned by Private School Jungle, a division of Parenting Jungle. The founder and current publisher of the blog is Dr. Shamir A. Khan.