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NYC Private High School Interview Tips

Applying to High School is difficult enough, especially when you add in the act of interviewing. Interviewing is hard work, and interviewing for your spot at a NYC Private School can cause some very sleepless nights. Everyone will tell you not worry and to just be yourself, but the fact is that a little preparation will go a long way in helping you put your best foot forward and really stand out during your time to shine!

Tips for Interviewing for Your NYC Private School Spot

  1. When you smile, smile with your eyes, too! The fastest way to ruin a beautiful smile is to not carry it on your whole face. When you greet the interviewer, make eye contact and remember to smile with everything you’ve got!
  2. The most useful tip of all is to say “I don’t know” if you do not know the answer to the question. They ask questions and interview potential students all the time and they will know if you are bluffing. Tell them that they will look for the answer if you don’t know it. Remember to do that, though! Find out the answer and, when sending your Thank you note, include that answer. They will remember you and the fact that you took the time to follow up and get the information requested.
  3. Be yourself, only a bit better. Remember that you aren’t talking to your friends on the phone and use correct speaking manners. Avoid the use of “like,” “you know” and the ever popular “actually.”
  4. Keep 3 x 5 cards or a small notebook handy and refer back to it very occasionally. If you have questions, write them down! You may forget to ask them during the interview. The notes also help your appearance of organization and responsibility

Remember to be yourself, but also remember to be the best that you can be.

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