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Ever wonder who among the famous and celebrity class went to which school? If you're like the rest of us, you have. And in New York City, we have a lot of private school alumni to be proud of. Today's spotlight is on Claire Danes. Claire Danes was raised in New York City and actually [...]

Sometimes, NYC private school alumni have good news to share. Today, it's real good news. A former student at Poly Prep Country Day School is engaged to be married this coming October. The announcement was made at SILive.com. Leah Lyle Horowitz is an actress who just finished playing a part on Broadway. The role she [...]

Many famous personalities are graduates of some of the top NYC private schools. We could name a comprehensive who's who of New York City schools, but we'll spare you. One famous person who is well known to have attended a private school in New York City is the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. So which [...]

It almost seems sacrilegious, but single-sex private schools are making a comeback. There are several reasons for this and they're not all religious reasons. Some of the latest research shows that boys and girls may learn better in a single-sex environment. Here are 5 reasons why you might choose a single-sex private school for your [...]

This will come as no surprise to the thousands of parents who have students in New York City private schools, those school's administrators and other faculty, and the students themselves. Nevertheless, a recent report shows that private school students are more likely to receive the top A* grade than public school students and more likely [...]

Often, NYC parents of children with special needs struggle to find an appropriate summer program for their children. Big Apple Day Program (BADP) is a new therapeutic summer program that aims to offer an additional choice for NYC parents of children with special needs. Big Apple Day Program (BADP) is a Manhattan co-ed summer day [...]

"A recent study by Merikangas and colleagues published in the January 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) shows that only half of adolescents that are affected with severely impairing mental disorders ever receive treatment for these conditions. The researchers found that approximately one third of adolescents [...]

The Siemens Foundation today announced the 2010-11 Semifinalists and Regional Finalists in the prestigious Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology, the nation’s premier science research competition for high school students. “Each year, the Siemens Foundation invites America’s high school students to make their mark in the world of science,” said Jeniffer Harper-Taylor, president of [...]

It's a new school year. Your child is going to a New York City private school for the first time. You have studied the schools you liked, took all the tours and chose the "right" fit for your child. You're prepared, but what about your child?  The main thing you can do is to get [...]

Play Hard and Study Hard

When parents push their children to succeed at all times and in all ways, they often find that their children eventually start to either push back or stop responding at all. As with all things in life, a balance has to be found in order to achieve real results. One of the most common complaints [...]

Healthy and nutritious foods for children are absolutely vital to maintaining their health and their alert, positive energy throughout the day. When students have the right healthy foods they also have the essential building blocks that their bodies need to fight off infections, enrich cognitive function and memory and stay physically and mentally healthy. As [...]

Children start out in school in a variety of ways, some strong, some weak and some just waiting, it seems, to soak up all that the NYC Educational system can give to them. As children get older, very specific changes in personality and learning styles begin to show and it becomes clearer for many if [...]

Your older child has a responsibility to make the most of his or her educational opportunities and work to be the best student they can be. There are no amount of loving parental excuses to compensate for a bright child who simply does not try or let them be invested in their own learning. So [...]

School interviews and parent essays are just some of the ways in which a clearer picture of your child is brought into focus for the school admissions staff. The best of the NYC Private Schools will adhere to the policy that scores do not mean everything. Just because a child scores in the top 98% [...]

Health topics and the occasional health scare are no strangers to New York parents. NYC students, hit hard by the H1N1 flu last year, were at the forefront of a vaccination effort this year in order to reduce the number of children and families getting sick. The focus on the H1N1 flu has taken the [...]

The Siemens Foundation announced today the Semifinalists and Regional Finalists of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology, revealing the brightest high school minds in contention for the nation’s most coveted teen science prize. The Siemens Competition is the nation’s leading original research competition in math, science and technology for high school students, and [...]

Most of the advice for gaining entry into a New York Private School is geared towards parents and helping them with the application process and assisting their child. Sometimes, however, it is the older student who is trying to get admitted into a Private School program, and they need advice on gaining admittance while at [...]

The ability to physically to school is an issue that faces many students in NYC. According to the National School Boards Association, The number of children who walk or bike to school has dropped dramatically in recent decades, from approximately 50% in 1969 to fewer than 15% today. Walking and biking to school not only [...]

New York Students are some of the first among those that are receiving the new H1N1 flu vaccine. Inoculations began this past week for students in both public and private schools in New York, an area hard hit by last year’s surprise outbreak. CNN reported on the initial vaccinations: For 13-year-old Brandon Marti, the intranasal [...]

Healthy NYC Students

Health concerns are nothing new to any parent, whether they have a child n a NYC Private School, public school, charter school or even homeschooled. The rising levels of obesity in our country are only now causing parents, school officials and communities to stand up, recognize the problem and start to act on it. There [...]

School Homework Times Vary

New York Private Schools are famous for their rigorous academic programs, and every academic program comes with a certain amount of homework. From a few minutes of home study time for the little ones to a couple of hours worth of extra work at night for older students, homework is a part of just about [...]