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Focus on Berkeley Carroll Math Curriculum

The Berkeley Carroll faculty tries to strengthen students’ understanding of math concepts by expanding their understanding of place value and operations. Teachers draw from a variety of best practices to build a curriculum that reaches all students.

In lower school, teachers incorporate base ten blocks to discuss the relationship between numbers. They also emphasize speed and accuracy with number facts. In class, they discuss mathematical concepts and apply them to real world scenarios. As a result of the Berkeley Carroll lower school math curriculum, children emerge more confident and are prepared for middle school math.

The middle school math program expands on what children learn in lower school and is closely aligned with the National Common Core Standards. They learn about the tools of math and develop an appreciation of the subject as well as how to apply it to other areas of their lives and other academic subjects. Math becomes a hands-on discipline. Teachers make use of technology, and classrooms are all equipped with learning stations for practice and discussion. Students study Algebra I in eighth grade. Advanced students are introduced to Algebra II concepts.

High school math classes are run like seminars with lots of discussion. Students in ninth grade continue their algebra studies from the eighth grade, and Geometry is offered as well. Tenth grade students study geometry, Algebra II, pre-calculus, and discrete mathematics. Eleventh graders study Algebra II, pre-calculus and discrete mathematics, and advanced calculus. The senior year of math is the calculus year with the following courses offered for students:

  • Physical Applications of Calculus – Students apply calculus to the discipline of physics and discuss such topics as vectors, elasticity and magnetism, simple harmonic motion, integral calculus, and Schrodinger’s wave equation.
  • Pre-calculus and Discrete Mathematics – Students get more advanced discussions on polynomials, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, and advanced discussions on sequences, conic sections, polar graphs, probability, and other advanced calculus topics. After this course, students are prepared for advanced calculus.
  • Statistical Methods and Applications – A college-level course divided into four segments that include exploratory analysis, planning a study, probability, and statistical inference.
  • Advanced Calculus - A fast-paced college course that requires pre-approval.

Berkeley Carroll is one of the most respected private schools in New York City. It is located in Brooklyn.

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