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KTSS: A Good Preparation Tool?

Cognitive Reasoning

It is widely known that many families also use the KTSS test to prep for ERB testing of their children for admissions to private schools in NYC. While a child can (and often does) extremely well on ERBs without preparation, a lot of parents feel that exposing their child to testing environments and procedures will help them be able to concentrate and effectively perform better on the all important ERBs. We will address the entire “ERB PREP” controversy from both sides after our series of posts on testing types and procedures is finished.

Unlike other tests, the KTSS is almost outright advertised as a good prep for ERB testing and SB IQ tests because the skills covered in the KTSS are prominently featured on the ERB and SB. It is interesting to note that some parents use the KTSS to prep their children for the OLSATs, too.

The biggest reason that the KTSS is promoted often as a good prep for the ERBs and SB is that it helps children build on critical thinking skills and techniques in a testing environment without actually giving them testing material that is identical (or virtually so) to the ERBs.

The KTSS is interesting in that it is designed to be able to meet the varying developmental needs of children at a young age. The difficulty of the questions on the test can be tailored to the maturity level of the student without changing the concept of the test or it’s questions.
In this way, the KTSS can challenge a child without resorting to frustrating or discouraging a child and fostering a feeling of failure.

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