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Focus On Mary McDowell Middle School

Mary McDowell Friends School is a Quaker school for children with learning disabilities. This Brooklyn private school consists of a Lower School, Middle School, and an Upper School.

The Middle School program at Mary McDowell Friends School is made up of sixth through eighth grades.

The curriculum consists of extended Language Arts and math classes and an integrated approach to social studies and science, while building on the solid academic foundations established in the Lower School. Students can also participate in clubs on campus, which include a school newspaper, cooking club, volleyball, wearable art, and juggling. There is also a student government in place that teaches students to follow the Quaker tradition of decision-making by consensus.

Among special education programs in NYC, one unique aspect of education at Mary McDowell Middle School is the teaching of Spanish. Children receive weekly instruction on conversational Spanish and vocabulary for three years. Eighth graders spend a week in Costa Rica in a unique immersion program.

Mary McDowell was an outstanding Quaker educator who was committed to the Quaker principle of peace. Upon refusing to sign a loyalty statement in World War I, she withstood a trial by the Board of Education and charged with “conduct unbecoming to a teacher.” She was subsequently dismissed from her position. She died in 1955. The school that bears her name was opened in 1984 to honor her legacy.

Staff at Mary McDowell Friends Middle School believe in educating the whole child.

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