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NYC Private School Focus on Village Community School

Founded in 1970, the Village Community School has been dedicated to a diverse and globally influenced educational mission with the goal of developing self-motivated students with a desire to learn. The Village Community School is an alternative, nonsectarian school serving children in Kindergarten through grade 8. The school believes in a diverse community of students and believes in developing a student’s natural ability to lead others and learn from others.

Village Community School Mission

(Source) Inter-aged groupings, primary experiences, attention to artistry and craftsmanship, and physical activity are central to daily life. Our students are expected to learn from each other, to participate fully and actively in their education, to question, and to take risks. In this industrious and academically rigorous atmosphere, children learn how to learn

In this school, where the use of a social-studies based curriculum is used to help develop a child’s ability to study the world across time and place, peoples and cultures, the focus is on developing the love of learning and the ability to navigate the pathways to learning.

The philosophy of interage learning is important in the overall mission of the school and it is based upon the belief that children need both a comfort level to learn and a challenging environment in order to grow academically and socially. Older students grow, learn and eventually lead younger students on their journey to development.

The Facts on Village Community School

• Village Community School is an alternative school in NY which educates children from kindergarten through eighth grade.
• The school teaches based upon a social-studies based curriculum and a philosophy of mixed age learning.
• Village Community School has a student-teacher ratio of 10:1 and a 167 day a year academic calendar consisting of 6 hours of classroom time per school day.

If you have been looking for an alternative NYC Private School that will provide your child with an ability to grow, learn and lead then perhaps the Village Community School is the right choice for your family.

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