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Poly Prep’s Alleged 40-Year Sex Abuse Cover-Up in News Again

In wake of the Penn State University and Syracuse University sex abuse allegations, the lawsuit against Brooklyn’s Poly Prep (posted by the NYC Private Schools Blog in 2009 “Allegations of Abuse Against Poly Prep Country Day School“) once again gains media attention.

Here is a listing of important documents and recent articles concerning the lawsuit against this NYC Private School:

  • Amended Complaint (filed 3/24/10)
  • Abuse Claims Roil School” by Sophia Hollander in the Wall Street Journal (Dec. 6, 2011):

    Poly Prep Country Day school in Brooklyn said it is forming an advisory committee to bolster its sexual abuse prevention efforts after decades-old allegations involving a beloved football coach flared up again in the wake of the Penn State University scandal.

    “You can’t judge how people did things in the 60’s and 70’s by 2011 standards,” she [Ms. Lisa Friel] said. “People had very different understandings of what sexual abuse was in the 60’s and 70’s and what a pedophile was, and they handled things very differently back then than anybody does today.”

  • Shame at Poly Prep After Sex Abuse Scandal” by Michael O’Keeffe in the New York Daily News (Dec. 6, 2011):

    Most of the plaintiffs have not talked publicly about the abuse until recently, when they were interviewed at length by the Daily News.

  • Letter from David Harman, Poly Prep Headmaster (Dec. 2, 2011) announcing advisory committee headed by Ms. Lisa Friel, a Poly Prep parent and former Chief of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s Office.
  • Letter from David Harman, Poly Prep Headmaster (Nov. 21, 2011) responding to a “blog posting in The Washington Post written by three of our alumni from the Class of 1971 that unfairly and inaccurately compares the history of Poly Prep to the unfolding story of the tragedy at Penn State.”
  • A Prep School Scandal Eerily Similar to Penn State” by Bernard Bauer, Harry Hellenbrand and Kenneth Stern in The Washington Post. The three writers are prominent alumni from Poly Prep’s Class of 1971. “Bernard Bauer is a San Francisco-based psychologist. Harry Hellenbrand is the provost of California State University, Northridge. Kenneth Stern is an attorney, author and expert on antisemitism.”

To access the available documents in this case, any member of the public may obtain an account for PACER.

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