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Saint David’s School: A Classical Tradition

Saint David’s School, an all boys school on 12 East 89th Street in NYC, is all about the classical tradition of balance. This balance comes from the natural curiosity of the student as well as an appreciation for the arts, skill and sportsmanship in athletics and a natural love of learning.

All religious traditions are accepted and boys are taught within a community that accepts the diversity of many traditional backgrounds.  Boys are taught to recognize their own capacity for spiritual experience and to develop strong moral values.

Founded as an independent school in 1951 by nine Catholic families, Saint David’s remains committed to the teachings of the Church. Today, the school includes 400 students and more than 130 faculty and staff.

From the Headmaster’s office, he writes:

(Source) Saint David’s School has a long tradition framed by the classical notion of “balance in all things.” Here, balance is achieved by providing a well-rounded education that focuses on four pillars: Scholarship, Athletics, Aesthetics, and Spirituality. Whether demonstrating intellectual commitment and perseverance in a literature class, honoring the game on the athletic field, portraying a character with sensitivity on the stage, or reaching out to those in need, a Saint David’s boy is always encouraged to find “the good,” to find the strength within and to rise to the highest levels of personal commitment and achievement.

Saint David’s boys learn by doing. For example, in Grade Three, they study the Middle Ages, design their own coat of arms and participate in a special knighting ceremony, and in Grade Five they spend a June day in Central Park reenacting, in the same location, a Revolutionary War battle fought by George Washington.

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