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Focus On Saint David’s Upper School

Saint David’s School is another NYC private school that has a Lower School and an Upper School. The Lower School consists of Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3. The Upper School consists of grades 4 to 8, which effectively makes it a “middle school.”

An all boys school located in Manhattan, the school focuses on delivering a classical education. Boys in these grades develop their critical thinking skills more fully as they approach adolescence.

Boys study Western literature, learn to write well, develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics with computational accuracy, gain a foundational understanding of scientific principles, examine history – both ancient and modern – to gain insight from the people and events that have shaped our modern world, and study Latin and other foreign languages. In addition to Latin, students can learn Spanish and French. Technology is also heavily integrated into the curriculum.

Students at Saint David’s Upper School also get quite a few chances to practice their public speaking skills. The study of Rhetoric is an important part of the curriculum.

In addition to a strong academic program, boys at Saint David’s Upper School have plenty of opportunities to excel at athletics. Boys develop a sense of sportsmanship, respect for others, cooperation, and self-confidence. There is also an after school program, and boys can participate in the arts.

Spirituality is another key component to education at Saint David’s Upper School. Boys are taught by precept and example. They attend daily chapel, study the Bible, and compare world religions.

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