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St. Bernard’s School For Boys

You don’t find as many all boys schools any more, but St. Bernard’s School on the Upper East Side is one of the finest. The focus is on helping each boy grow as an individual and to respect the differences of others. Cooperation, fair play and hard work are values that are instilled early on at St. Bernard’s.

St. Bernard’s School doesn’t just give boys an education. It teaches them how to learn. In a safe environment, boys are encouraged to study and develop their critical thinking skills while also given the opportunity to participate in athletics and vigorous exercise. A strong emphasis on family is also provided.

The school’s website is a veritable resource for parents and students, as well as alumni. Homework assignments are online for parents to view, with a password, as are reading lists and photos from various school events. The Old Boys part of the website is a special section for St. Bernard’s School alumni to connect.

Education at St. Bernard’s School begins at kindergarten and goes through ninth grade. At Junior School, boys are given a well rounded interdisciplinary education that includes quite a bit of creative writing, including poetry. In Middle School boys are taught Latin and French. Boys are also encouraged to get involved in public speaking and representational leadership through Student Council. The end result is a well learned young man with confidence and an excitement about learning.

St. Bernard’s School in New York City is a boys school of the old tradition that encourages boys to look toward the future.

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