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Focus On The Town School

The Town School is a private school in Manhattan committed to educating nursery school through eighth grade students. The school’s motto is “Let there be joy in learning.”

The Town School sets high academic and ethical standards for its students. The school’s focus is to allow children to learn according to their own natural curiosities. The school is decidedely co-ed and has been unapologetically since its inception in 1913.

Here’s what the school’s website says about co-education:

The lessons taught in a co-ed school are essential: that school is a place to encounter, understand, and work with the other gender; that the genders are, fundamentally, compatible; that girls and boys can – and should – learn from each other; that differences, when they do exist, can be understood. These are powerful assumptions and can have a significant impact on student learning.

The school is divided into a Lower School and an Upper School. The foundational curriculum consists of:

  • Foreign language
  • Language arts
  • Visual arts, drama, and music
  • Library
  • Math
  • Physical education
  • Science
  • Social studies and history
  • Technology

The Lower School begins in first grade and extends through fourth grade. The children spend much of the time writing and reading, even when studying other subjects. The Upper School consists of grades five through eight where students are confronted with rigorous disciplines of study and given opportunities to assume leadership positions.

Athletics are also a big part of the student life at The Town School. Interscholastic sports in soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball are available for students fifth grade through eighth grade.

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