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Tuition Costs at Private NYC Schools

Coin RollsWe have received a number of emails asking about the average costs of tuition to private schools in New York. While we can’t single any particular school out, we can give a general feel for the costs of tuition to private schools in NYC before any sort of sliding scale or financial aid discrepancies are accounted for.

In 2007, the average cost of sending your child to a private high school in NYC rivaled the tuition costs of a college student at Harvard or Yale. Schools all over the NYC region have raised their costs every year to keep up with the rising salaries and retention benefits of their top teachers, and the increase in the quality of school facilities and activities has also added to the rise.

There are many schools that list their tuition fees for 6th grade through 12th grade as over $32,000, and there is a dramatic rise in the number of schools that are, for the first time, passing the $30,000 threshold for tuition costs. Some of the more established schools rate their tuition costs as over $50,000 per year.

You may think that the high costs of tuition is reserved for the higher grade levels, but you would be wrong. There are an increasingly large number of private schools that specialize in the Pre-K through 6th grade level that are advertising tuition fees of over $30,000 a year, and keep in mind that these are not necessarily the top tier schools . Some of the schools charging this amount are relatively new to the educational district in NYC, but with hundreds more children applying to schools that have less than 50 open seats for the coming year, there is no end to the rise in costs in sight.

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