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Focus On Village Community Middle And Upper Schools

Village Community School is a West Village private school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Located on West 10th Street in Manhattan, they offer a Lower School, a Middle School, and an Upper School.

The Middle School consists of ages 7 through 10. The school refers to these as the “Middle Years.” The Upper School contains 6th through 8th grades.

Middle Years

Starting around age 10, children are able to process abstract thinking more clearly. That’s why Village Community School starts introducing conceptual learning techniques in the 6th grade. Learning at this level is characterized by mixing intellectual work with hands-on training.

Students learn new skills as they focus on developing good academic study habits. Students receive regular homework and receive opportunities to study specialized coursework such as robotics, Spanish, science, technology, and design. Students at this level also learn time management and organizational skills. They begin to take standardized tests at age 8.

Upper School

In the Upper School, students get a balanced education with required courses and electives. Faculty mix traditional educational methods with progressive techniques to keep students engaged and focused on learning.

Upper School students have the opportunity to study a foreign language – either Spanish, Latin, or Mandarin. Elective courses include filmmaking, vocal ensemble, satire, pivotal World War II battles, theater, and digital journalism. Students also get to work on their physical stamina through interscholastic sports.

Village Community School’s Middle School and Upper School programs offer a rigorous academic curriculum with plenty of opportunities for socialization.

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