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Leif Ericson Day School is a Christian day school located in Brooklyn. Having won awards for its service to preschoolers through middle school children, the school offers a rigorous academic curriculum coupled with religious instruction. Students at Leif Ericson Day School begin studying math as soon as they are admitted. At ages three and four, [...]

Temple Shaaray Tefila is a Jewish congregation in Manhattan with educational programs for children and adults of all ages. The early childhood program focuses on introducing young children to Jewish concepts and Jewish identity. In elementary school, students grow in their knowledge and understanding of Judaism, which prepares them for the upper school program. Like [...]

The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan is a Jewish private school with an elementary program and a middle school program. The curriculum consists of Judaic Studies alongside General Studies that prepare students for secondary school and beyond. The kindergarten math program cultivates a fundamental understanding of math concepts while developing basic math and problem solving [...]

Focus On Parkway Schools Math

Parkway Schools in Brooklyn consists of an elementary school and a preschool. They serve a student body of preschool-age children through eighth grade divided into a lower school, a middle school, and an upper school. Students do wear uniforms to school. The lower school at Parkway Schools consists of students ages 2-4. The middle school [...]

St. David's School is an all boys Catholic school with a traditional classical educational bent. Located in Manhattan, the school opened its doors in 1951 with the help of nine Catholic families. The school is independent and not associated with any particular New York City parish. They offer a program from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. [...]

In Brooklyn, the St. Francis of Assissi School offers curricula for children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school opened its doors in East Flatbush in 1909 and is operated by the St. Francis of Assissi parish. Faculty at St. Francis of Assissi School are dedicated to teaching a traditional academic curriculum alongside a values-based [...]

Birch Wathen Lenox is one of the most respected private schools in New York City. The school is a co-ed independent school located in Manhattan. With a low teacher-student ratio, boys and girls get maximum individual attention and the curriculum--consisting of a lower, middle, and upper school--is rigorous and designed to prepare students for college [...]

Harlem Academy is a unique independent school in Harlem and with high standards for admission. The school is relatively new, having opened its doors in 2004. The school has a lower school and a middle school with students up through eighth grade. They even have a secondary school placement program to help students get into [...]

International Christian School, a ministry of International Baptist Church, in Brooklyn is a K through twelfth grade school that educates children from a Christian perspective. Students get a heavy dose of religious training and study the Bible as they work through a traditional core curriculum. Math training begins in preschool. Three and four year olds [...]

B'Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School is a Jewish school in Manhattan that is more than a school. They offer support and academic services for young children and their families as well as school age children of all ages. The faculty are serious about providing an educational experience designed to acquaint students with Hebrew history and culture. [...]

French-speaking students in Manhattan can get an international school education like no other at Lyceum Kennedy. The school has a French school and a Japanese school component. The French American school is further divided into preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school with a transition class for non-French speaking students. The curriculum at the [...]

Adelphi Academy Middle School is a part of a K-12 program located in Brooklyn, New York City. Adelphi Academy is a coeducational college preparatory school with a rigorous academic curriculum and has gained notoriety far and wide for its educational environment. The school is a small school and maintains small classes, typically a 6:1 student-teacher [...]

The Cathedral School is a Manhattan private school with programs from early childhood through middle school. Children enter nursery school and progress through the classes to eighth grade as they prepare for high school. The middle school consists of grades five through eight. The middle school program at The Cathedral School is called the upper [...]

In the Bronx, a Jewish private school has committed itself to educating children from preschool age through high school. SAR Academy is a modern orthodox yeshiva with an early childhood program, an elementary academy, and a high school. SAR Academy's primary goal is to emphasize the importance of kavod. Faculty engage students in various learning [...]

Sacred Heart School, located in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, is a Catholic private school opened in 1926. The school seeks to educate the whole child by addressing academic, social, and spiritual needs. The school offers curriculum for preschool children, elementary school students, and middle school students. In the middle school, each morning begins [...]

Located at 378 East 151st Street in Bronx is the oldest Catholic private school in the borough, Immaculate Conception School. The school offers a traditional education with religious training for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The middle school consists of grades six through eight. Established in 1954, Immaculate Conception Middle School teaches children Catholic [...]

St. Thomas the Apostle is a Catholic private school located in Queens. The school offers a preschool program, an elementary program divided into primary grades and intermediate grades, and a junior high school. The curriculum goes up through the eighth grade. Located in Woodhaven, the school makes religion a central part of the general curriculum. [...]

St. Luke's School in Queens remains small in order to keep its class sizes small. As a Catholic school, faculty believe this is imperative in order to maximize one-on-one attention and to deliver a quality academic curriculum coupled with effective religious training. The school offers a traditional curriculum divided into a lower school and an [...]

The Jewish Institute of Queens is a Jewish school that teaches Hebrew and grounds students in the study and love of Torah. Training for boys consists of pre-kindergarten through eight grade. Girls experience a curriculum through twelfth grade. The elementary school proffers education for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The upper school is made up of [...]

Garden School is a unique private school located in Queens, New York City. This independent school offers an early childhood program, a lower division, and an upper division. The upper division is designed for students from seventh grade through twelfth. Consisting of middle school and high school, class sizes are kept to 15 students or [...]

Evangel Christian School, in Queens, is relatively new. The school opened its doors in 1987 and since has grown to a full-size student body. Their focus is on providing a curriculum based on the Common Core Standards of New York state from a Christian perspective. The middle school at Evangel Christian School is set aside [...]