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All nonprofit NYC private schools and organizations are required to file Form 990 each year with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, these schools and organizations are required by law to make the forms from the last three years available to anyone who requests them. Many websites such as GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and the [...]

In May 2010, Shamir Khan, Ph.D., Founder & Publisher of the NYC Private Schools Blog, celebrated the courage of the Mandell and Calhoun Schools for dropping the ERB kindergarten admissions requirement. In that post, he said, As a clinical psychologist who has administered many of these psychological assessments, I believe they can, in and of [...]

The Parents League of New York is hosting the 2013 NYC Independent School Kindergarten Fair (Boarding Schools and NYC Upper & Middle Private Schools fairs will be held in Fall 2013) and a Kindergarten Admissions Panel Discussion immediately following the fair. Both events are free of charge for all families. Representatives from Parents League member [...]

The P.A.L. (Parents of Accelerated Learners) Workshop Series Register today at: Eventbrite Presented by * Jade’s Toy Box * NYC Private Schools Blog * NYC G&T Blog * TestingMom.com in Partnership with Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN A Dialogue about Education for Parents of Accelerated Learners The Workshop Series The [...]

What: At this talk, authors Jennifer Bloom and Lillian Luterman offer practical advice to students, their parents and educators assisting students in the choices available to them as they prepare to transition from high school to college. They will also discuss the Top 10 Myths around college admissions and answer any questions parents/students have about [...]

The P.A.L. (Parents of Accelerated Learners) – PARENT WORKSHOP SERIES Register today at: Eventbrite Presented by * Jade’s Toy Box * NYC Private Schools Blog * NYC G&T Blog * TestingMom.com in Partnership with Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN A Dialogue about Education for Parents of Accelerated Learners The Workshop [...]

The Daily Show (Wednesday June 30, 2004): Corddry - Nursery Crimes "Children overstressed by the competitive Manhattan pre-school environment often crap themselves." The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c "Dr. Kim Har, director of childhood education at Aristotle Circle, demonstrates a playgroup prep session. Most private pre-schools in New York City [...]

New York Family is sponsoring an All-Star Nursery School Admissions Seminar on the Upper East Side. If you have a young child and are interested in learning more about the nursery school admissions process in the city, this is a great seminar to attend. They will provide a panel of five experts--including school directors and [...]

When NYC Private School parents discuss the trials and tribulations of the Private Schools admissions process and the mystery that surrounds actual acceptance, denial or wait listing, it is often with the assumption that they are going through a unique process. The truth is that many Public School parents and students go through the same [...]

For any families that are still looking to apply to a NYC Private School for the 2010-11 academic year, your best bet now is a school with rolling admissions. We will be highlighting schools that are still accepting applications in the next few weeks. Our first highlighted school is The Speyer Legacy School. The school [...]

The tests used by many schools to determine admissions to private schools can offer up conflicting and sometimes unexpected results. There are different tests for just about every age group and school type. There are tests for elementary, middle and high school Private Schools, tests for Catholic Schools and Public School gifted and talented programs. [...]

I have heard all kinds of urban folklore about the difficulty of finding school seats for NYC twins. I have heard that a family of twins needs to apply to 10 to 12 preschool programs to gain entry. I just couldn’t reconcile that number with what I know about Brooklyn admissions. We all know that [...]

NYC Private School admissions are competitive and aggressively thorough. Parents of very young children spend an enormous amount of time preparing admissions materials for the schools that they have painstakingly researched and chosen. Parents and older students have worked together to find the best school possible and prepared for interviews and admissions essays. All of [...]

There are multiples steps towards the completion of admission into a NYC Private School. Interest, research and first contact are all incredibly important steps for parents and children alike. So many pieces go into an admissions application for schools that keeping track of them all is easiest with a spreadsheet and some solid management and [...]

As a Manhattan private schools educational consultant in practice for over a decade, I can tell you reliably that 2009 was a unique year. Here’s what we’ll remember about 2009: 1. The New York Times ran not one, but two stories about companies running ERB prep programs. If you want to irritate a private school [...]

Problems with Admissions Tests

Admissions tests are difficult for students and families alike. The stress that builds for many older students during the pre-test phase is palatable and all of it culminates on testing day. That difficult situation was made worse in one Washington area recently when the tests were deemed faulty and the test takers were sent home [...]

The NYC Private School Admissions season is hectic and hurried, for sure, but not all schools have a strict deadline. Rolling admissions are possible and are offered for some NYC Private Schools. Rolling admissions is an admissions process that does not use fixed deadlines or uses a window of admissions, which stays open until all [...]

December is a whirlwind month in the Private School Admissions process! Many families choose the words hectic, chaotic and stressful to describe December, and that’s before they even think of the Holidays. December is the time when you and your child are heavily invested in the process of choosing the right schools, and the admissions [...]

One of the best relationships that parents of aspiring NYC Private School students can ask for is that of another private school parent. Networking is a key element to private school admission in NYC because it gives you the ability to find information about a school that isn’t readily available from the website or brochure; [...]

What’s new with private school admissions? As a private schools educational consultant, I’m privy to the latest news from applicants and current families. Here’s what I’m seeing and hearing: 1. Admission for kindergarten remains extremely competitive at the most sought-after private schools. Demand for seats vastly outstrips supply, since most affluent, ambitious families seek the [...]

Many parents of children applying to NYC Private Schools find themselves adrift in an endless sea of information and paperwork. It doesn’t take long before applications and appointments start to meld together into one very long process. The hard part of the October Private School season is actually keeping track of the right information from [...]