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Located in Staten Island, Moore Catholic High School offers a traditional Catholic curriculum and a strong academic curriculum based on New York's Common Core Standards. The school opened its doors in 1962, founded by Francis Cardinal Spellman and named for Countess Mary Young Moore, for ninth through twelfth graders. Traditional curriculum courses include: English Mathematics [...]

The students at Our Lady Of Lourdes School in Queens Village celebrated Catholic Schools Week in a special way this week - by posting a video to YouTube honoring their school teachers. Catholic Schools week started Monday, January 29, 2012 and runs through today, February 3, 2012. Friday is an early dismissal day for the [...]

Last month we reported that the Archdiocese of New York is closing quite a few schools. In light of that, it might not seem like a good time for teachers at Catholic schools to be concerned with earning more money. But they are. It's understandable why. Compared to their public school counterparts, Catholic school teachers [...]

In September 2011, New York City and surrounding counties in New York State (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess and Ulster) will have fewer Catholic private schools due to a reconfiguration of the Archdiocese of New York. In Jan. 2011, the Archdiocese of New York announced the following schools will not re-open for this school [...]

Our Lady Of Trust Catholic Academy is located in Brooklyn on two campuses. The St. Jude Campus, serving nursery school through eighth grade, is on Canarsie Road. Miracles Campus, which serves pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, is located at 744 East 87th Street. The school's focus on building the Catholic faith into students from an early [...]

Midwood Catholic Academy is a Catholic elementary school located in Brooklyn, NYC. This NYC private school serves pre-kindergarten through eighth grade and commits itself to providing a Catholic education. Three year olds are admitted into a full day nursery while four year olds have all day preschool. The curriculum is scholastic, spiritual, cultural, and social, [...]

It's hard to argue with a tagline that reads, "Give your child the most important gift of all. A solid education." Indeed, a solid education is a great gift. The administrators of Divine Mercy Catholic Academy clearly believe they provide a solid education. I think it's worth your time to seek out the reasons why [...]

Located at 100 Merrill Avenue in Staten Island, NYC, Moore Catholic High School is a school that is both Christ-centered and people-centered. The school focuses on preparing its students for college and even offers AP level classes as well as college level courses. Entering Freshmen are required to take an introduction to the Christian Faith [...]

Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School adheres to the Roman Catholic tradition and brings together all those united by a common bond. The school provides spiritual, educational, and social opportunities that coincide with the aim of Catholic education as defined in the pastoral, 'To Teach as Jesus Did.' 'The  ideal of Christian education will best [...]

For many students in private middle schools, eighth grade brings its share of difficulties. Making new friends, getting over the old friends growing up and out in all the awkward places, these are some of the issues that many eighth graders face. For those eighth graders planning on attending a Catholic High School, eighth grade [...]

NYC Private Schools focusing on the Roman Catholic teachings require specific admissions tests, including the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS. The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, or TACHS, tests students abilities in many different areas, including the standard Reading, Mathematics, Language, but also including an entire section [...]

Applying to any of NYC private schools require a lot of paperwork for families, and a lot of tests for children. Applying to any of New York’s private Catholic High Schools requires just a bit more. There are three common Catholic high school admissions tests 1. CHSEE (formally known as the COOP test) is the [...]

If you are looking for private Catholic schools then here's a list of private schools that you can contact for an interview: http://www.catholicusa.com/catholic_schools_online/catholic_schools.htm

In the Woodhaven neighborhood of Queens, NYC, there is a Catholic parish that goes by the name of St. Thomas the Apostle. Their school, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Academy, offers a special curriculum centered on the Catholic faith. Education begins at the pre-kindergarten level, and students work their way through eighth grade. Formal math [...]

In Queens, a Catholic school that goes by the name of St. Francis of Assissi School seeks to educate children from two years old through eighth grade in both a traditional academic curriculum and a strong religious faith. The school got its start in 1951 and includes a strong math curriculum. Students in preschool get [...]

St. Francis of Assissi School is a Catholic private school in the borough of Queens. The school offers a traditional curriculum with religious instruction for students age 2 up through eighth grade. Starting in sixth grade, students begin to change classes three times a day and prepare for high school. The curriculum is a traditional [...]

In Queens, St. Francis of Assissi School offers a Catholic education from preschool through eighth grade. Starting at age 2, students get a well-rounded education that includes all the core subject areas and religious instruction. Elementary school begins in first grade and runs through fifth. Students enrolled at St. Francis of Assissi enter the first [...]

In College Point, Queens, there is a Catholic private school called St. Fidelis School. It bills itself as an elementary school. The truth is, it also has a preschool component and a middle school component, consisting of seventh and eighth grades. St. Fidelis has a long tradition, having opened its doors in the middle of [...]

St. Fidelis Elementary School is a private school located in Queens. It's a Catholic school offering a program of classes from nursery school through eighth grade. The school is located in College Point. Starting in nursery school, students get a well-rounded curriculum that teaches them the core subjects as well as religious instruction. Students in [...]

St. Agnes Academic School is a Catholic high school located in the College Point neighborhood of Queens, New York. Rooted in religious tradition, the school caters to girls only and provides a strong academic setting in preparation for college. It opened its doors in 1908. The school offers a traditional curriculum designed to prepare girls [...]

Cathedral Preparatory Seminary has been named one of the top 50 Catholic schools in the U.S. It's no wonder why. The school constantly graduates seniors who are more than ready for college and are accepted into some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. The school opened its doors in 1914. Located in [...]