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Léman Manhattan Preparatory School offers a unique learning environment in Manhattan. Students begin in preschool, age 3, and work their way progressively through the grades until they graduate high school. What happens in between is one of life's greatest miracles, but it's not a mystery. Students learn critical thinking skills at every level of education [...]

The Leman Manhattan Preparatory School program truly prepares students to reach their academic, social, and emotional potential. It does this through a carefully constructed environment that is nurturing and supportive, embracing family, community, and citizenship. The Lower School offers a rich and diverse curriculum uniquely suited to the individual child. No two children are completely [...]

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is a unique school in Manhattan, New York City. Students learn to think critically in an international school environment while learning a foreign language and solving problems. The school is divided into a preschool, a lower school, a middle school, and an upper school. The educational process at Léman Manhattan Preparatory [...]

Formerly known as Claremont Preparatory School, the Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is situated in Lower Manhattan and offers programs for children of all ages from preschool (age 3) to twelfth grade. Owned by Meritas, the school is a strong international learning community that provides a rich educational experience. Starting at age 3, students at Léman [...]

The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan is a Jewish private school with an elementary program and a middle school program. The curriculum consists of Judaic Studies alongside General Studies that prepare students for secondary school and beyond. The kindergarten math program cultivates a fundamental understanding of math concepts while developing basic math and problem solving [...]

This post is from the NYC Private Schools Blog AdConnect Platform. With pleasant weather and plethora of outdoor activities, Spring in New York City is unmatched. The entire city seemingly awakes from a long winter hibernation in sync. But the nice weather here provides juxtaposition with some of the extreme weather around the country—from tornados, [...]

Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan is a Jewish school located in Manhattan consisting of an elementary school and a middle school. The educational programs start with kindergarten and move up through the grades ending with the eighth grade. The middle school consists of grades six through eight. Each grade's curricular structure from sixth through eighth [...]

The MATHCOUNTS Manhattan chapter competition is an annual showcase for the knowledge, skill, speed and teamwork of the top Mathletes from middle schools throughout Manhattan. By participating in MATHCOUNTS, these schools demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence and provide their students with an incredible opportunity to strive through friendly competition. Here are the 2014 Results: [...]

Located in Manhattan is a Jewish school focused on developing young people's minds and training them to grow up into responsible adults within the Jewish tradition. That school is the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan. The school has two programs. The elementary school is designed for children from kindergarten through fifth grade. The middle school [...]

The Manhattan Christian Academy puts the study of the Bible at the centrality of its educational philosophy. This begins in preschool and carries on throughout the elementary school level. The elementary school at Manhattan Christian Academy consists of grades 1 through 8. The curriculum is distinguished by a heavy influence on reading and literature. Students [...]

The Manhattan Christian Academy educates children from preschool age (2.9 years) to eighth grade. The program goals of the Manhattan Christian Academy preschool are to Help children develop spiritually within the Christian tradition Assist young children in developing a healthy self-esteem, boost their self-confidence, and nurture their sense of trust and autonomy Foster the acquisition [...]

The Upper School at Geneva School of Manhattan is the middle school, educating children from fourth through eighth grades. The school provides a classic Christian education up through eighth grade, preparing students for high school and beyond by dividing childhood education into three phases: Grammar Phase Dialectic Phase Rhetoric Phase Called a "trivium," these three [...]

The Geneva School of Manhattan provides classical Christian education for boys and girls up through eighth grade. The lower school consists of students from kindergarten through third grade. The focus is to help students develop a master of academic skills, a better understanding of God, and character education. Students receive instruction on the fundamental principles [...]

The Geneva School of Manhattan is a unique school with a unique curriculum based on the classical education model. Based on the Trivium Model (which means "three roads"), the school divides its learning initiatives into three phases: Grammar phase Dialectic phase Rhetoric phase The grammar phase is set aside for children in kindergarten through third [...]

Manhattan Country School is another school that offers a Pre-K through 8th grade curriculum. As a result, there is no "middle school." Rather, there is a Lower School and an Upper School, although the Upper School consists of 5th grade through 8th grade. The Upper School program at Manhattan Country School is designed to prepare [...]

Financial aid at any school, college, or university can either be need-based or merit-based. NYC private, religious, and independent school generally offer need-based financial aid. In one of the most significant changes to the NYC private school landscape, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School will now offer merit-based tuition scholarships for entering high school students. Here is [...]

The Sephardic Academy of Manhattan is a Jewish preschool that admits children from the age of 2 to 6 or the completion of Kindergarten. While the toddler (2 year old) class is divided into morning and afternoon sessions, the rest of the classes last a full day. Early drop off and late pick up is [...]

Manhattan Nursery School is a play-based nursery school located in Manhattan. Founded in 1996, the school has grown over the years to accommodate more children and the daily schedule has been extended. The hours now are from 8 in the morning until 7 in the evening, making it possible for parents to work or attend school while [...]

Not to be confused with Alef Bet Preschool, Aleph Bet is a Jewish preschool located in the heart of New York City at 133 East 29th Street. The goal of the school is to help young children develop a lifelong love of learning. Aleph Bet Preschool attempts to make learning fun through play time. The [...]

Many people are familiar with the Montessori method of education. That's a good thing because it is one of the most effective methods of education the world over. And New York City has its fair share of Montessori schools. That includes the Montessori School of Manhattan. The Montessori method has two very distinct features that [...]

Parents, students, and staff at Claremont Preparatory School in Lower Manhattan have gone through a series of significant changes over the past year. First, Drew Alexander was named the new Head of School. Next, Claremont Preparatory School was sold by MetSchools, Inc. to Meritas, LLC to become the tenth school in their for profit network. [...]