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The Eden II programs are a group of schools in Staten Island and Long Island that cater to children that fall on the autism spectrum. Eden II School, located in Staten Island, is an educational institution devoted to providing unique opportunities for autistic children and adults from preschool through adulthood. The school also admits persons [...]

NYC Private Schools Blog has reviewed many different private schools in all five boroughs of New York City. Below is a partial list of Staten Island private schools, which include preschools, nursery schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, religious schools, independent schools, nonprofit schools, for profit schools, and special education schools that we have [...]

Continuing our summary lists of NYC private school reviews, today we'll cover private schools in Staten Island. NYC Private Schools Blog has published approximately 30 reviews of private schools in Staten Island. As always, we hope you find the school that is just right for your child & your family. Here are 26 private schools [...]

Staten Island is no stranger to diversity. There are quite a few private school choices no matter your background. Here are 20 of our favorite picks for Staten Island private schools. Jewish Foundation School - No private school is as important as one that provides a foundational framework for a religious faith and system of [...]

In a city as large and wonderful as New York City you'd expect there to be more than one Sacred Heart School. We've already focused individual spotlights on Convent Of The Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Of Jesus School Sacred Heart School - the Bronx But today we want to focus on the Sacred Heart School [...]

Many proponents of the Montessori educational method claim that it is the best way to educate children. It is truly a remarkable method and it has been successfully implemented in many institutions, though with widely varying characteristics. If you live in Staten Island or wish to send your child to school in Staten Island and [...]

Located in two buildings, Oakdale Academy can be found at 2734 Victory Blvd and 366 Oakdale Street on Staten Island, NY. Established in 1987, Oakdale Academy is the largest independently owned and operated school on Staten Island.  Oakdale Academy believes in giving children the highest level of academic enrichment while fostering individuality and creativity in each [...]

An independent college preparatory school for grades pre-K through 12, the Staten Island Academy provides one of the leading academic programs in New York City. Each grade advances using consecutive learning foundations throughout each step up. The school is the only independent school on Staten Island. Staten Island Academy is highly open to teaching acceptance of [...]

Too many to count. Staten Island is more than just a cozy place to live. It's a neighborhood. A place where families can grow and learn. Your family can invest in a local private school and educate your children which fits best with your family. There's no reason why one of the many State Island [...]

St. Joseph Hill Academy is a Catholic school located in Staten Island. The school provides a safe learning environment for girls fin high school and boys and girls from preschool through eighth grade. Beginning at age three, students learn math concepts using manipulatives and playing fun games. At age 4, students develop their pre-math skills [...]

The Academy of St. Dorothy is a Catholic private school located in Staten Island, New York City. The school uses its educational opportunities to present Jesus as the center of life and to instill a sense of faith in its students. They offer programs for pre-kindergarten through junior high scool. Students at Academy of St. [...]

St. Peter's Boys High School is, obviously, an all boys school in Staten Island, NYC. It's also a Roman Catholic high school offering a rich academic curriculum that prepares young men for college. The curriculum consists of a traditional academic curriculum, including courses in math, English, social studies, history, and science. There are also religious [...]

Located in Staten Island, New York, St. Joseph Hill Academy is a traditional Catholic school that follows the New York state Common Core Standards and includes its own religious instruction to build up students' faith. The school has an elementary school program and a high school program. The high school is an all girls school [...]

St. Joseph Hill Academy is a Catholic school in Staten Island, New York. The school is divided into an elementary school and a high school. The elementary school program at St. Joseph Hill Academy is designed for students from three years old through eighth grade. Students are admitted to St. Joseph Hill Academy as early [...]

In the heart of Staten Island is a Catholic private school that makes no bones about its focus on New York's Common Core Standards curriculum or its faith-based religious instruction. The school is St. John Villa Academy. The school consists of an elementary school that is made up of classes from preschool through eighth grade [...]

St. John Villa Academy is a Catholic school located in Staten Island. With programs from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, the school is divided into an elementary school program and a high school. The elementary school consists of pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. St. John Villa Academy founded in 1922 by the Sisters of St. John the [...]

In Staten Island, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parochial School offers a traditional Catholic education alongside a traditional academic curriculum as it prepares young children for high school. Programs include early childhood, preschool, and elementary school programs. The Our Lady Queen of Peace Elementary School consists of first grade through eighth grade. Each grade level [...]

Notre Dame Academy is an all girls Catholic school located in Staten Island, New York City. The school offers an elementary program for preschool students through eighth grade and a high school program up through twelfth grade. Students go on to graduate and be selected to some of the best colleges and universities in the [...]

In Staten Island, there is an all girls Catholic school with a strong academic curriculum. The name of the school is Notre Dame Academy and it offers an elementary program as well as a high school. The Notre Dame Academy elementary school begins with pre-kindergarten and runs through eighth grade. Faculty and teachers strive to [...]

Located in Staten Island, Moore Catholic High School offers a traditional Catholic curriculum and a strong academic curriculum based on New York's Common Core Standards. The school opened its doors in 1962, founded by Francis Cardinal Spellman and named for Countess Mary Young Moore, for ninth through twelfth graders. Traditional curriculum courses include: English Mathematics [...]

Staten Island has a Montessori School with a cool name: Building Blocks Montessori School. What started out as a nursery school in 1972 has grown into an elementary school with a lower school and an upper school. The lower school consists of students from 3 to 5 years old. The upper school includes first through [...]