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Admissions Tests

photo credit: Gaetan LeeAs the season for NYC Private School Applications begins to get underway, parents inevitably start to ask about the ERB. Before we talk about some of the more detailed information about the test, here is a little background on how it got it’s commonly referred to name. The Educational Records Bureau, known [...]

photo credit: sergis blogMost discussions on testing requirements for NYC Schools generally revolve around admissions testing and requirements. There are other tests that students are asked to participate in, however, and for many reasons. The CTP 4 is one of the tests that can be required for children in grades 1 and up and is [...]

photo credit: allspice1Testing for NYC Private Schools spans a range from IQ exams to specialty exams to the ever-discussed ERB, which is actually the name of the Educational Records Bureau. The CTP 4 is one of the tests that can be required for children in grades 1 and up and is used by many classical [...]

photo credit: cole24_ There is a catch phrase in many NYC Private School forms to discuss children who are very intelligent vs. children who are considered “gifted.” The catch phrase often comes across in a way such as, “Is your child truly gifted, or New York smart?” All joking aside, the “New York Smart” phrase [...]

NYC Private Schools focusing on the Roman Catholic teachings require specific admissions tests, including the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS. Admission to the Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens or the Archdiocese of New York in 2009-2010 is determined in part by the results of the TACHS [...]

NYC Private Schools focusing on the Roman Catholic teachings require specific admissions tests, including the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS. The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, or TACHS, tests students abilities in many different areas, including the standard Reading, Mathematics, Language, but also including an entire section [...]

Applying to any of NYC private schools require a lot of paperwork for families, and a lot of tests for children. Applying to any of New York’s private Catholic High Schools requires just a bit more. There are three common Catholic high school admissions tests 1. CHSEE (formally known as the COOP test) is the [...]

The admissions requirements to NYC Private schools can vary from school to school, but the for the most part the basic benchmarks are the same. Test results from private school admissions testing such as the ISEE or the SSAT for older applicants are generally standard. In furthering our in-depth discussion about the Horace Mann school [...]

The “Cut Off” Time of Year

December is usually what is called the ‘cut off’ season by many parents waiting to find any information that will give them a hint as to whether or not their child will be accepted into their private school of choice. While the ‘cut off’ is usually not a strict number for any school, often legacies [...]

The month of December can be a frantic one for many parents of children applying for private school in NYC. Not only are there many Holiday functions and details to attend to, but the true reality of the admissions process hits in December; preparing for school admissions tests. We’ve given a lot of advice on [...]

In our last post, we advised parents with young children getting ready for private schools admissions test to prepare their child organically. The bottom line with preparing your young child for the ERBs, academically, is to make sure that they are exposed, in a free form and playful fashion, to a host of different tools [...]

ERBs and the Bottom Line

Of the many admissions professionals that I have spoken to, most profess a sadness at the state of testing and preparation that is thrust upon 4 year old will be taking the ERBs. One senior level admissions officer admitted that some families have been found to submit their child’s application for testing under an assumed [...]

Preparing your child for private school admissions testing can be as straightforward as hiring tutors and attending approved ‘prep’ classes, or as convoluted as using secret hand signals and setting up play-dates with tutors posing as fake babysitters. Mostly, that depends on the test being taken and the age group of the child. Officially, the [...]

The ISEE test uses multiple subject areas to determine a child’s suitability for admission into private schools where they are entering grades 5 and up. The test is administered on three different levels to accommodate students at different ages and academic levels. Below are the standard testing scenarios for the ISEE at all three levels. [...]

Private School Admissions tests for the secondary school grades have entirely different expectations for both students and parents. The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) test is the most common test for entrance into private middle schools, high schools, boarding schools and even military schools. The ISEE test is designed to help assess a student’s academic [...]

It is widely known that many families also use the KTSS test to prep for ERB testing of their children for admissions to private schools in NYC. While a child can (and often does) extremely well on ERBs without preparation, a lot of parents feel that exposing their child to testing environments and procedures will [...]

The ERBs are not the only test that parents of children applying to NYC private schools strive to help their children master. In the overpopulated world of NYC private schools, parents have their children tested on many levels to acertain IQ levels an achieve admissions into the best of the private schools. The Stanford-Binet IQ [...]

As we have stated before, the contents of the ERB test, especially for elementary age private school applications, is not published. What is known is that the ERB is a modified/revised Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence. The WPPSI is, in short, an IQ test that looks for intellectual reasoning and ability. While the [...]

The ERB does not outright publish what the Early Childhood Admissions Assessment (ECAA) test (which most people just call the ERB) consist of for young children. There is no way to publish that information because, frankly, very few parents could resist prepping their child for the test and giving them the answers to puzzles and [...]

photo credit: SantaRosa OLD SKOOL The official ERB website offers parents very little information regarding what is actually on the test. Instead, the site tries to impress upon parents the need to have a child prepared by being rested and comfortable in the environment. Both ERB and the Participating Schools want young children to have [...]

The most intimidating aspect of the ERB tests for children entering private Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades is the fact that, really, the test is being given to a child. There is no real successful way to coach and pressure a child for a test if you want them to succeed. Your best defense is [...]