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The Calhoun School is one of the world's most famous progressive private schools. Located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the school, which is also well-known for its strong commitment to diversity, has been notified that it will receive a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to produce a 3-part multimedia project titled "What Kids Of [...]

Occasionally, the NYC Private Schools Blog reprints (in full) academic mental health/child development/parenting press releases that may be of interest to our readers and their families. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) issued the following news release: "A new national report reveals that 45.9 million American adults aged 18 or older, or [...]

Talk to parents, teachers, and administrators of private schools in New York City and you are sure to get a variety of perspectives on what it means to educate a child in a private school. The question is furthermore complicated when you add sociological factors such as differences of religion and economic status. But most [...]

During the NYC preschool and kindergarten admissions process, when you speak to administrators about your child, you will inevitably be asked to describe him or her. You may be asked to provide an assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses. You should be honest. Jenny Anderson of the NY Times asked three NYC private school [...]

Shopping around for the "right" private school for your child can be a chore, but it's a chore in which many parents take pride. And well they should, particularly if they have gone through the process in an informed manner. When you find the "right" private school for your child, you know it's a good [...]

The American Sociological Association issued the following press release today: "Children whose parents get divorced generally don’t experience detrimental setbacks in the pre-divorce period, but often fall behind their peers—and don’t catch up—when it comes to math and interpersonal social skills after their parents begin the divorce process, according to a new study. In addition, [...]

The Mandell School

The mission of the Mandell School, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is to help children become responsible, reliable adults by providing a nurturing environment through intellectual stimulation and emotional support. Students' natural curiosity lends to a learning structure that is wholly their own, each individual child eventually growing to become his or her [...]

Focus on Basic Trust

Basic Trust, located at 225 West 99th Street in NYC,  is a day care with a unique program that focuses on the nurturing aspect of a child's learning, and supporting their unfolding development. The daycare center utilizes a home-like setting, grouping various ages for a diverse experience.  Basic Trust lets parents share the raising of [...]

Safety and Schools

School safety procedures are created to protect your child and the other children and faculty within the school. Just as a concerned parent child-proofs their home in order to keep young children away from dangers, so too does a school try and create boundaries to protect even older students. One of the most important safety [...]

Healthy and nutritious foods for children are absolutely vital to maintaining their health and their alert, positive energy throughout the day. When students have the right healthy foods they also have the essential building blocks that their bodies need to fight off infections, enrich cognitive function and memory and stay physically and mentally healthy. As [...]

America tends to be much more open-minded when it comes to educational choices for children, and a recent ruling has upheld one family’s desire to home school their children even if it mean leaving their own country behind. A German family fled to America in 2008 after they were told that they could not home [...]

School Days and Sick Days

Before your alarm even goes off in the morning, when only a hazy gray light is filtering from the windows, you hear that sound. That small, painful moan that tells you your child is sick. For some parents, this is the moment where they make some decisions. How sick is he/she? Is it a cold [...]

School interviews and parent essays are just some of the ways in which a clearer picture of your child is brought into focus for the school admissions staff. The best of the NYC Private Schools will adhere to the policy that scores do not mean everything. Just because a child scores in the top 98% [...]

A Very Public Day Off

Many years and whole generations ago, skipping school was a risky chance that was occasionally taken. As long as no one saw you and your teacher didn’t speak to your parents in person you probably earned yourself a story to tell your friends. As years passed and truancy officers became popular, skipping school was something [...]

The Parenting Clique

In a recent group discussion with a circle of NYC Private School Moms, the subject of cliques was discussed. Not the cliques that involve children making certain friends and ignoring the others around them in favor of just those few. No, the discussion was about the cliques that are formed within parenting circles and the [...]

Siblings in NYC Private Schools

Now that their children are back in NYC Private Schools, parents' eyes are turning towards the younger children in the family and thinking about their school's sibling policy. Sibling policies, sometimes called Sibling Legacies or even the Sibling Factor, are usually at the top of every parent's mind when their youngest child is reaching school [...]

If you and your child have been out enjoying everything that August in NYC can give you then you should be rested and ready for the upcoming Private School admissions process. Your child will be able to use what he or she has learned during their summer and use it for the literary and formulative [...]

photo credit: Chesi - Fotos CCLegalities in the Private Schools System in NYC can be different than in Public Schools, however the basic laws governing the rights of an individual to a safe learning environment should be expected in every school. In one recent incident, a NYC Private School parent addressed the Principal of the [...]

tee photo credit: lenifuzhead Older children are often the catalyst behind the decision to switch from a public school to a New York Private School. Oftentimes, children who have decided that they want to switch into the Private School sector face challenges in convincing their parents that it is an actual thought out choice rather [...]

Parents are not always the driving force behind a decision to attend a NYC private school. It is becoming more and more common for older children to want to attend private schools even though they are already attending a public school in New York. These children have the difficult role of convincing their parents that [...]