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elementary schools

Temple Israel of the City of New York is a Jewish synagogue in Manhattan with educational programs from early childhood through high school. The educational center is called the Temple Israel Lifelong Learning Center. The Lifelong Learning Center offers the following childhood development programs: Early Childhood Learning Center K-6 program The Academy, a program for [...]

The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan is a Jewish private school with an elementary program and a middle school program. The curriculum consists of Judaic Studies alongside General Studies that prepare students for secondary school and beyond. The kindergarten math program cultivates a fundamental understanding of math concepts while developing basic math and problem solving [...]

In Brooklyn, the St. Francis of Assissi School offers curricula for children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school opened its doors in East Flatbush in 1909 and is operated by the St. Francis of Assissi parish. Faculty at St. Francis of Assissi School are dedicated to teaching a traditional academic curriculum alongside a values-based [...]

Lyceum Kennedy is an international school consisting of a French language component and a Japanese component. Located in Manhattan, it offers a full bilingual program from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The preschool program includes nursery school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. Students learn to be creative as they prepare for elementary school. In addition to preschool, Lyceum [...]

Metropolitan Montessori School is a private school in Manhattan based on the philosophy that children learn best by playing and doing. To that end, children are given every opportunity to play and do in the context of a traditional Montessori curriculum, and that includes mathematics. Metropolitan Montessori School includes an early childhood program, a kindergarten [...]

Trey Whitfield School is a private school in Brooklyn with an early childhood program, a lower school, and an upper school. They educate through the eighth grade, preparing students for high school and college. The academic program at Trey Whitfield School is based on a strong set of moral values, integrity, and leadership. Students are [...]

International Christian School, a ministry of International Baptist Church, in Brooklyn is a K through twelfth grade school that educates children from a Christian perspective. Students get a heavy dose of religious training and study the Bible as they work through a traditional core curriculum. Math training begins in preschool. Three and four year olds [...]

New York City has plenty of organizations devoted to the education of children, special needs, religious instruction, and the development of academic, motor, social, and other important skills. But The Partnership for Inner-City Education is a unique program whose mission is grounded in Catholic values. A 501(c)3 organization, the Partnership focuses its attention on Catholic [...]

St. Mark the Evangelist School is located in the Bronx and is one of the six schools that are a part of the Partnership for Inner-City Education. Like the others, it is a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school for low-income students in the South Bronx. Pre-kindergarten begins at age three. Pre-K is for three and [...]

St. Joseph Hill Academy is a Catholic school in Staten Island, New York. The school is divided into an elementary school and a high school. The elementary school program at St. Joseph Hill Academy is designed for students from three years old through eighth grade. Students are admitted to St. Joseph Hill Academy as early [...]

St. John Villa Academy is a Catholic school located in Staten Island. With programs from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, the school is divided into an elementary school program and a high school. The elementary school consists of pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. St. John Villa Academy founded in 1922 by the Sisters of St. John the [...]

Aaron School is a Manhattan-based pkindergarten through twelfth grade program with a very rich curriculum. The school was founded in 2002, which makes it still new enough that you can get your children in the door without too long a wait. Focusing on special needs children, Aaron School combines therapeutic teaching practices with academics. The [...]

B'Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School is a Jewish school in Manhattan that is more than a school. They offer support and academic services for young children and their families as well as school age children of all ages. The faculty are serious about providing an educational experience designed to acquaint students with Hebrew history and culture. [...]

Lyceum Kennedy, though following the international school model, is a unique school even by Manhattan and New York City standards. Offering a Japanese model as well as a French American school, the curriculum for each is bilingual and centered around the respective culture it represents. In the case of the French American School, the school [...]

Lyceum Kennedy follows the international school model with a Japanese component and a French American school component. The French American School offers a rigorous international school curriculum from nursery school through high school. The model for the school is the French educational system. Cycle 1 includes nursery school, preschool, and kindergarten. Cycle 2, also known [...]

In Staten Island, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parochial School offers a traditional Catholic education alongside a traditional academic curriculum as it prepares young children for high school. Programs include early childhood, preschool, and elementary school programs. The Our Lady Queen of Peace Elementary School consists of first grade through eighth grade. Each grade level [...]

In Staten Island, there is an all girls Catholic school with a strong academic curriculum. The name of the school is Notre Dame Academy and it offers an elementary program as well as a high school. The Notre Dame Academy elementary school begins with pre-kindergarten and runs through eighth grade. Faculty and teachers strive to [...]

Located in Brooklyn is the Amity School, a school with a lot to offer students from day care age through high school. In addition to an early childhood education department, the school has an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. This elementary school has a lot to offer, including Strong academics Extracurricular [...]

Staten Island has a Montessori School with a cool name: Building Blocks Montessori School. What started out as a nursery school in 1972 has grown into an elementary school with a lower school and an upper school. The lower school consists of students from 3 to 5 years old. The upper school includes first through [...]

Academy of St. Dorothy is a Catholic school in Staten Island with a central focus on Jesus the Christ. Founded in 1932, the school is an elementary school with programs for students from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. The academic curriculum at Academy of St. Dorothy is based on the New York Common Core Standards. But [...]

St. Athanasius School is a Catholic private school located in the Bronx and which caters to children from preschool age through eighth grade. Located in South Bronx, the elementary grades are broken up into first through second and third through fifth. The school is a part of the Partnership for Inner-City Education and has been [...]