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On Roosevelt Island in Manhattan there is a special needs school called The Child School. Founded in 1973, the school consists of an elementary school program, a middle school, and a high school geared toward students with learning disabilities. From the earliest ages, faculty strive to make every child at The Child School feel important. [...]

Temple Shaaray Tefila is a Jewish congregation in Manhattan with educational programs for children and adults of all ages. The early childhood program focuses on introducing young children to Jewish concepts and Jewish identity. In elementary school, students grow in their knowledge and understanding of Judaism, which prepares them for the upper school program. Like [...]

In Manhattan, there is an all girls Catholic school that goes by the name of St. Vincent Ferrer High School. The school is a parochial school in the Dominican tradition and was established by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs in 1884. The faculty at St. Vincent Ferrer High School place a [...]

Regis High School is a private Jesuit high school for boys in Manhattan. The school got its start in 1914 when a wealthy benefactor donated the seed money. Regis High School offers a rigorous liberal arts education that prepares students for college and for life. The mathematics curriculum fits into the overall picture by training [...]

St. Edmund Preparatory High School is a Catholic college prep school that operates under the St. Edmund parish in Brooklyn. It is an extension of the St. Edmund Elementary School operated by the same parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn. St. Edmund's has a strong math department and curriculum that prepares students for college and [...]

Founded in 1917, St. Saviour High School is an all girls Catholic school situated in Brooklyn, New York City. It is located in the Park Slope neighborhood with strong historical roots. Girls are taught traditional Christian morals as they study a traditional academic curriculum with a strong mathematics component. Graduating students take three separate NYC [...]

Xaverian High School is an all boys Catholic school located in the Bay Ridge community of Brooklyn. Its primary mission is to prepare young boys for college and instill in them a love of lifelong learning. The school is sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers and based on the charism of St. Francis Xavier. Xaverian High [...]

Abraham Joshua Heschel School, named after one of the most beloved and respected Jewish leaders of the 20th century, is a Jewish program with four separate divisions: Early Childhood Lower School Middle School High School Each division addresses the spiritual and academic needs of its students while preparing them for a lifetime of learning. The [...]

The Beekman School is a New York City high school and college preparatory school located in Manhattan. The school has been in steady operation since 1925 and inspires students to be their best while pursuing their dreams. Students go on to being admitted into some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. The [...]

Lyceum Kennedy is an international school consisting of a French language component and a Japanese component. Located in Manhattan, it offers a full bilingual program from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The preschool program includes nursery school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. Students learn to be creative as they prepare for elementary school. In addition to preschool, Lyceum [...]

Monsignor Scanlan High School is a high school located in the Bronx. The primary purpose is to prepare Catholic high school boys and girls for college. Students come from the Bronx and Manhattan neighborhoods and enjoy some of the best academic and athletic opportunities in the city. The boy's baseball team was the 2010 winner [...]

International Christian School, a ministry of International Baptist Church, in Brooklyn is a K through twelfth grade school that educates children from a Christian perspective. Students get a heavy dose of religious training and study the Bible as they work through a traditional core curriculum. Math training begins in preschool. Three and four year olds [...]

St. Peter's Boys High School is, obviously, an all boys school in Staten Island, NYC. It's also a Roman Catholic high school offering a rich academic curriculum that prepares young men for college. The curriculum consists of a traditional academic curriculum, including courses in math, English, social studies, history, and science. There are also religious [...]

Located in Staten Island, New York, St. Joseph Hill Academy is a traditional Catholic school that follows the New York state Common Core Standards and includes its own religious instruction to build up students' faith. The school has an elementary school program and a high school program. The high school is an all girls school [...]

In the heart of Staten Island is a Catholic private school that makes no bones about its focus on New York's Common Core Standards curriculum or its faith-based religious instruction. The school is St. John Villa Academy. The school consists of an elementary school that is made up of classes from preschool through eighth grade [...]

The international school is one of the most unique educational models on the planet. There are a few examples in New York City alone. One of those is Lyceum Kennedy. Within the Lyceum Kennedy framework there is a Japanese school and a French-American school. Both are bilingual schools with specific language training in their respective [...]

Lyceum Kennedy follows the international school model with a Japanese component and a French American school component. The French American School offers a rigorous international school curriculum from nursery school through high school. The model for the school is the French educational system. Cycle 1 includes nursery school, preschool, and kindergarten. Cycle 2, also known [...]

Notre Dame Academy is an all girls Catholic school located in Staten Island, New York City. The school offers an elementary program for preschool students through eighth grade and a high school program up through twelfth grade. Students go on to graduate and be selected to some of the best colleges and universities in the [...]

Brooklyn Amity School is one of New York City's best kept secrets. With plenty of extracurricular activities for students at all ages, the school has programs for day care and early childhood education, elementary school, middle school, and high school. The high school program at Amity School is designed to develop students' character and teachers [...]

Located in Staten Island, Moore Catholic High School offers a traditional Catholic curriculum and a strong academic curriculum based on New York's Common Core Standards. The school opened its doors in 1962, founded by Francis Cardinal Spellman and named for Countess Mary Young Moore, for ninth through twelfth graders. Traditional curriculum courses include: English Mathematics [...]

St. Barnabas High School is an extension of St. Barnabas Elementary School. The elementary school got its start in 1913. The high school was started in 1924. Originally, the school educated both boys and girls, just as the elementary school does today. In 1928, the school transitioned into an all girls school. The high school [...]