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Jewish Schools

The Solomon Schechter School of Queens is a Jewish day school sponsored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. The focus is on Judaic studies with a strong academic curriculum based on New York's Common Core Standards. The school educates children from preschool through middle school. Since preschool-age children are naturally exploratory and want to [...]

Merkaz Bnos High School is a Jewish high school for girls located in Brooklyn, NYC. The curriculum includes Judaic Studies alongside General Studies. Girls receive a rigorous academic curriculum in a Torah environment with opportunities for extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Math at Merkaz Bnos High School follows the guidelines for the New York State Department [...]

Temple Shaaray Tefila is a Jewish congregation in Manhattan with educational programs for children and adults of all ages. The early childhood program focuses on introducing young children to Jewish concepts and Jewish identity. In elementary school, students grow in their knowledge and understanding of Judaism, which prepares them for the upper school program. Like [...]

Temple Shaaray Tefila is a Jewish synagogue in Manhattan. As a part of their lifelong learning academy, the synagogue offers learning programs for early childhood students, elenentary school students, middle and high school students, and adults. The early childhood program is designed to introduce preschool-age children to Jewish concepts. This includes nursery school students. The [...]

Temple Israel of the City of New York is a Jewish synagogue in Manhattan with educational programs from early childhood through high school. The educational center is called the Temple Israel Lifelong Learning Center. The Lifelong Learning Center offers the following childhood development programs: Early Childhood Learning Center K-6 program The Academy, a program for [...]

Focus On Temple Shaaray Tefila

Temple Shaaray Tefila is a Jewish congregation located in Manhattan. More than a synagogue. The temple serves as a community for Reform Jews in New York City. The temple got its start in 1845 as an Orthodox Jewish temple. Over time, the focus has shifted to a Reform perspective. Educational opportunities at Temple Shaaray Tefila [...]

The Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan is a Jewish private school with an elementary program and a middle school program. The curriculum consists of Judaic Studies alongside General Studies that prepare students for secondary school and beyond. The kindergarten math program cultivates a fundamental understanding of math concepts while developing basic math and problem solving [...]

Temple Israel of the City of New York is a Jewish congregation located in Manhattan. In addition to its worship programs, the temple has a lifelong learning center that includes programs for early childhood development, K-12 educational curricula, and educational opportunities for adult learners. Educating children from a progressive Jewish perspective, the school got its [...]

Abraham Joshua Heschel School, named after one of the most beloved and respected Jewish leaders of the 20th century, is a Jewish program with four separate divisions: Early Childhood Lower School Middle School High School Each division addresses the spiritual and academic needs of its students while preparing them for a lifetime of learning. The [...]

Focus On Ramaz School Math

Ramaz School is a Jewish School in Manhattan that got its start in 1937. With an early childhood program, a lower school, a middle school, and an upper school, Ramaz School has a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for life. The early childhood program includes nursery school, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Nursery school math consists [...]

Beit Rabban, which means “school for young children," is a wonderful Jewish school located in Manhattan. The early childhood program is referred to as The Gan. Educating three to five year olds, The Gan offers a nurturing environment. Children learn to express themselves socially and intellectually in the classroom environment. They also engage in activities [...]

B'Nai Jeshurun Hebrew School is a Jewish school in Manhattan that is more than a school. They offer support and academic services for young children and their families as well as school age children of all ages. The faculty are serious about providing an educational experience designed to acquaint students with Hebrew history and culture. [...]

SAR Academy is a traditional yeshiva located in the Bronx. The school has earned a reputation for itself teaching Jewish children how to grow up and be ethical Jews. And they offer a traditional core curriculum for students from nursery school through high school. The school has three divisions: Early Learning Center Elementary Program (1st [...]

In the Bronx, a Jewish private school has committed itself to educating children from preschool age through high school. SAR Academy is a modern orthodox yeshiva with an early childhood program, an elementary academy, and a high school. SAR Academy's primary goal is to emphasize the importance of kavod. Faculty engage students in various learning [...]

SAR Academy is a Jewish school located in the Bronx. An orthodox yeshiva, they offer programs for children as young as preschool age and as old as high school age. The early childhood program at SAR Academy is designed for three year olds up through kindergarten. Qualified three year olds enter nursery school. Four year [...]

Kinneret Day School has established a solid reputation for itself as a Jewish Day School in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx. With a preschool, and elementary school, and a middle school, the school is very effective in preparing young Jewish students for high school. The school was founded in 1947. Since then, the school [...]

Kinneret Day School is a Jewish school located in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx. The school has programs from preschool through middle school and does a good job of preparing students for high school. They educate up through eighth grade. The preschool program includes nursery school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. The Kinneret Elementary School consists [...]

In the Riverdale section of the Bronx, Kinneret Day School provides an educational experience for children from early childhood through eighth grade. The school is divided into a preschool program, the elementary grades, and an upper school. The preschool at Kinneret Day School begins with nursery school. It also includes pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. The focus [...]

Yeshiva University High School is a Jewish high school for girls located in Queens. Situated in the Queens neighborhood of Holliswood, girls from grades nine through twelve receive a traditional core curriculum and a Judaic Studies track that prepares them for identifying as Jews in the modern world. The goal of the Judaic Studies department [...]

In Holliswood, a Queens neighborhood, sits a Jewish high school for girls called Samuel H. Wang University High School. The school is also known as Yeshiva University High School for girls. It is an all girl Jewish high school. The school, like many Jewish schools, has a general studies track and a Judaic Studies track [...]

For Jewish day schools, none can surpass the Solomon Schechter School of Queens in terms of excellence and commitment to instilling Jewish identity in young children. Programs start in preschool and end at eighth grade with divisions for early childhood as well as lower and middle schools. The middle school is set up for sixth [...]