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Riverside Early Learning Center is a Montessori-based preschool that accepts children from the age of 3 months to the age of 5. Located at 93rd Street and Riverside Drive in Manhattan, it is part of the Twin Peaks Montessori Schools. Drop off time for all children is between 8am and 9am with classes starting at [...]

Focus On Rivendell School

The Rivendell School is a Montessori-based preschool that accepts children from the age of 2 until they complete Kindergarten. Located in Brooklyn, Rivendell School has been open since 1977. Children must be 2 by the time school starts in September for them to be considered for that year. Siblings of prior students are given preference [...]

Rainbow Montessori Academy is a nursery and preschool in the Bronx that accepts infants and toddlers into their nursery and children starting at the age of 2 into their preschool. Parents are encouraged to participate in the school and 3 parent teacher conferences are required per year. Uniforms are required of children in the preschool. [...]

Prospect Kids Academy is a Montessori inspired Brooklyn preschool accepting children ages 2 through 5. This Park Slope school utilizes a mixed age grouping as a way to reinforce learned concepts and the modeling of appropriate behavior. Prospect Kids Academy believes that children learn by doing and that following a familiar routine is best. The [...]

Nazareth Day Nursery is a Catholic and Montessori-based day nursery accepting children ages 2 to 6 in Manhattan. Founded in 1901, Nazareth is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30 and follows a 10 month school year. Classes start in September and end in June. There is also a July summer session. The Montessori [...]

The Montessori School of New York International is a full-time Montessori-based educational center accepting students from the ages of 2 through 14 in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens in New York City. The school has operating hours of 9am to 3pm for full days, 8am to 6pm for extended days and 9am to [...]

Little Princeton Day Care is a traditional day care catering to parents in South Brooklyn. Their flexible schedule is accommodating to both working parents and those attending school. In operation since 2009, Little Princeton Day Care prides itself on being not only a day care but also on being a preschool that offers Montessori classes and an environment geared [...]

Gold Material Montessori School has three branches in New York City. Manhattan Kips Bay Branch Manhattan East Village Branch Brooklyn Bensonhurst Branch All three branches of Gold Material are a part of the most unique educational institution in New York City. Montessori schools have a solid reputation for producing mature and responsible adults who remain [...]

There are many approaches to education. One of the most effective is the Montessori method of education -- many private schools in the world use this method. Finger Painted Hands Montessori School in the Upper West Side of Manhattan is no ordinary school, even for Montessori schools. Finger Painted Hands is an early childhood education [...]

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is the only accredited preschool-8th grade Montessori school in New York City. But that's not the only reason the school is special. They've recently announced that they are expanding facilities and programs for students. They just purchased an adjacent property located at 12 Dean Street, which was a fire patrol station. [...]

Focus On Casa Montessori

The only thing better than a Montessori preschool experience is a bilingual early childhood Montessori program. Casa Montessori has that covered. The opening quote in the header of the Casa Montessori website says it all. The school's philosophy is right on track with what a Montessori education is supposed to be all about: No one [...]

What alternative methods of education are available for our children? In what ways are they different? How can we decide whether or not they would benefit our child? Alternative approaches to education are not new. Some have been established about 100 years ago, such as the Montessori and Waldorf philosophies. In New York City we [...]

The Montessori method has been a popular educational model for more than 100 years. Many a private school in New York City has used the method and continues to do so. The Bay Ridge Montessori School has been doing so since 1970. The school caters to young children between the ages of 2 and 5. [...]

On West 88th Street in the heart of New York City is a Spanish international Montessori school by the name of Amiguitos. Amiguitos International Montessori Day School is a preschool for children ages 2 through 4 years old. If you are looking for a bilingual Upper West Side preschool for your young child, you can't [...]

Located in Brooklyn, NYC, Stuyvesant Heights Montessori Preschool takes the Montessori method seriously. The school's website is currently in a blog format, not a traditional website. We encourage the school to move to a traditional website format which would help interested parents to more easily navigate the information. The school treats children as individuals and [...]

Rounding out the three Twin Parks troika of preschools is Central Park Montessori. Following our two previous focuses, Park West Montessori and Riverside Montessori, Central Park Montessori is a third option for parents and preschoolers in Manhattan. Not much is different about Central Park Montessori except that the school has announced on its website that [...]

Focus On Park West Montessori

Park West Montessori is an Upper West Side of Manhattan preschool that is also a part of the Twin Parks system. Twin Parks consists of three schools: Park West, Central Park, and Riverside. Park West offers a 10-month program and a 12-month preschool program. The 12-month program is brand new. Both programs are open to [...]

Many people are familiar with the Montessori method of education. That's a good thing because it is one of the most effective methods of education the world over. And New York City has its fair share of Montessori schools. That includes the Montessori School of Manhattan. The Montessori method has two very distinct features that [...]

The Montessori educational method has many proponents. Yet, you can find differences among the schools that employ the method and each school is as individual as the students they educate. Les Enfants Montessori School in Queens, NYC is another professional private school that draws upon the philosophy of Maria Montessori successfully. The curriculum at Les [...]

Many proponents of the Montessori educational method claim that it is the best way to educate children. It is truly a remarkable method and it has been successfully implemented in many institutions, though with widely varying characteristics. If you live in Staten Island or wish to send your child to school in Staten Island and [...]

Founded in 1972 as a nursery school, the Building Blocks Montessori School is located at 55 Forest Avenue on Staten Island and soon grew to elementary level. Lower School serves Preschool through Kindergarten and Upper School is for the educational needs of 1st through 5th graders. Lower School classes are flexible in their scheduling, with [...]