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Private School Admissions

Having options is a basic factor in our society and having and selecting between your NYC Private School options is important even down to the very last minute of your decision. If your child has received an acceptance from their Top Choice school then there probably isn’t too much of a decision left. If, however, [...]

The tests used by many schools to determine admissions to private schools can offer up conflicting and sometimes unexpected results. There are different tests for just about every age group and school type. There are tests for elementary, middle and high school Private Schools, tests for Catholic Schools and Public School gifted and talented programs. [...]

There are many factors that have gone into creating the current school availability crisis in NYC Schools and crowding in the schools seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Some of the reasons for availability shortages in NYC Schools are More children. The biggest single reason is that more families are moving [...]

As the NYC Private School Admissions seasons is coming to a rather dramatic head, many parents are creating mental checklists of the items they need to finish up in order to have a clear and complete application. Because many students have their applications completed with the addition of a referral letter or two, finding out [...]

Private School Choices

Private School choices offer students and their families the opportunity to tailor the educational experience they wish for. Instead of having your child enrolled in the closest public school, or the one with more room, where the academic program is geared towards passing specific tests in order to ensure future government funding for the school, [...]

As a private schools educational consultant for over ten years, I speak to a lot of families about their most dearly held hopes for their preschoolers. In my experience, more liberal parents usually dream about Dalton and Ethical Culture, while more traditional parents dream about the single sex schools and Trinity. It’s striking how so [...]

We are excited to announce that Emily Glickman, who runs Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, will join us as a regular blog contributor in the area of private school admissions. Emily Glickman is an educational consultant and writer based in New York. She runs Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, a well-known firm that helps New York City [...]

photo credit: Er.WeMany families request information about ISAAGNY Private Schools in NYC and what that means. The ISAAGNY acronym is used frequently among many social groups and forums for NYC Parents, so it isn’t a surprise that there is so much curiosity about it. Many, but by no means all, of NYC Private Schools belong [...]

photo credit: paulo.barcellos If your child has received acceptance letters to more than one NYC private school, you will then have to make the family decision of which school to send your child to. If your child is older, then he or she will obviously be more involved in the final choice, but for parents [...]

photo credit: visualpanic If your child was waitlisted at one of your top choice NYC private schools, don’t despair. You have options. There are many different scenarios for families with children in this situation, so let’s discuss a few of them, in order of best case to worst case. Scenario 1: Your child was waitlisted [...]

There is no questioning the fact that almost every single one of the NYC Private Schools are incredibly competitive, even dauntingly so. There is a long and rich history of competitive and selective admission to New York private schools and there is no chance that it will change in the future. The reasons behind the [...]

The “Cut Off” Time of Year

December is usually what is called the ‘cut off’ season by many parents waiting to find any information that will give them a hint as to whether or not their child will be accepted into their private school of choice. While the ‘cut off’ is usually not a strict number for any school, often legacies [...]

Looking at your list of potential private schools in New York, you and your child will inevitably fall in love with one that is too far away from your residence to realistically attend. The school quite probably meets all of the right criteria for your child, but you forgot to use location as a factor [...]

During admissions season for private schools in NYC, the ‘sibling factor’ is always a big discussion point. The sibling policy in schools differ widely and are almost always unstated or flexible. The Sibling Policy: The policy of the school, unwritten or not, for accommodating the siblings of children who area already attending the school. If [...]

photo credit: andrijbulba December in the private school admissions season is a little like the 8th month of pregnancy. You have always known what’s coming around the bend, but you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had the time to dwell on it before. December is the time when you and your child are heavily [...]

With parents in full swing getting ready for the upcoming private school admissions season, a lot of words get thrown around with very few actually understanding the meaning behind the term. This is really not surprising as November is the time when parents and children are going to informational sessions, open houses and social activities [...]

photo credit: JOE M500 During the application submission times for NYC private schools, there are inevitably delays and mistakes. Calm, confident, organized and efficient adult professionals can be brought to tears when they realize they have done the unthinkable; they have missed a deadline for the child’s private school application. All those years of confidence-building [...]

The interview for NYC private school admissions is the cause of the most missed sleep for parents. After all, it is the one major point in the process where it is all about you, the parent, and your ability to present yourself and your child. The best preparation that you can make for the interview [...]