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So often, we seem to find time to focus on deficits, weaknessess, things that go wrong, ways in which people seem unhelpful, etc. We often don't seem to find as much time to recognize strenghts, celebrate ways that things go right, appreciate people who are helpful, etc. If you are willing to spare a few [...]

Brooklyn Castle opens today, October 19, 2012, in NYC at The Landmark Sunshine Theater and Lincoln Center - Elinor Bunin Theater. This inspring film is worth a trip for the whole family to watch together: Official Synopsis: "Brooklyn Castle tells the stories of five members of the chess team at a below-the-poverty-line inner city junior [...]

The Blackboard Awards, which honors local schools, principals, and teachers of excellence from every educational sector—public, private, charter, and parochial—and from nursery through high school, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. They are currently accepting nominations for the Awards for schools and principals, taking place on Monday, November 19, at Fordham Law School. Submit your own [...]

If you'd like a couple of interesting reads on the subject of the evolution of private schools in the U.S., then I recommend this article, and this one, too. The first article is a sketch. It talks about how private schools came before public schools and were pioneered by the Catholic church in Florida and [...]

So often, we seem to find time to focus on deficits, weaknessess, things that go wrong, ways in which people seem unhelpful, etc. We often don't seem to find as much time to recognize strenghts, celebrate ways that things go right, appreciate people who are helpful, etc. If you are willing to spare a few [...]

Many parents with children in NYC Private Schools are strong supporters of educational choice. After all, the freedom to exercise that choice is what enabled them to enroll their child in Private School. School choice is the ability to choose how your child will be educated. It can be used to facilitate an education in [...]

There are a number of White House policies lately that have led to disagreements in the public. The numerous policy changes that have affected the Public and Private School communities have created an atmosphere of tension in Washington as more and more voucher systems, beginning with those in DC, have fallen out of favor and [...]

With tightened budgets, many young families are struggling with the decision to put their young child in a NYC Private School or start them in a public school and assist in their educational development as much as possible. One group of parents recently gathered to talk about their upcoming choices for education beyond the preschool [...]

In times where the amount of money spent on educating each individual student is spent under the strictest of scrutiny, there are millions who decry that the simple lack of funds is what is crushing so many schools. More money would equal better schools, better educated children who could move on to compete in colleges [...]

There is an unending supply of stories and news articles about the admissions and application rates to private school amidst the backdrop of the economic recession. It is almost being used as a litmus test of the determination of parents who have been so vocal about Private School. In a recent article in slate.com, the [...]

There are many factors that have gone into creating the current school availability crisis in NYC Schools and crowding in the schools seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Some of the reasons for availability shortages in NYC Schools are More children. The biggest single reason is that more families are moving [...]

A fascinating article published in USA Today’s education section followed different groups of families, who, due to economic difficulties, left private schools and entered their children into various public schools. The lengthy article makes liberal use of quotes from many parents and a few school officials that are supposed to serve as a looking glass [...]

NYC Education Choices

A city as large as New York City must have the infrastructure necessary to support an enormous amount of students with a wide variety of educational options. The Public Schools within NYC offer many great educational opportunities; however being zoned and having a seat in a zoned school that is right for your child is [...]

The differences between a private school education and a public school education can be discussed in thousands of ways down to smallest of details, depending on what you are looking for to compare. For many parents, however, the choice comes down to a handful of key comparisons. Greatschools.org has included some of these points in [...]

Space in NYC Schools

The NY Times recently reported on the furious need for space in NYC and the schools, public, private and charter that compete for that space. It can be difficult for families and students who have never lived in a large city to understand the absolute and vital need for space that is a major obstacle [...]

Many NYC Private School families report that the substandard level of their locally assigned school’s educational programs are the top reason they chose to pull out and instead send their children to a private school. The No Child Left Behind act has changed much of the way public schools think about standardized testing. If their [...]

Many parents choose Private School because it is the best opportunity for their particular child’s education, but as many parents in NYC have found out, choice is something of a luxury with non-zoned and crowded schools in the City. The NY Daily news recently reported a story about a child who was turned away from [...]

Year Round School

Many parents of New York Private School students enjoy the shorter school calendar year that is coupled with the increase in hours per day spent in the classroom. In essence, kids are in school less days year round, but more hours per day than the public average. This solution works well for other areas as [...]

Private School Sports programs regularly compete with Public School sports programs, but arguments about advantages on either side often take focus off the sports themselves. In a recent Sun Sentinel article, one author discussed her opinion on what the real problem is with Private School vs. Public School sports. It's something high school sports fans [...]

photo credit: arqueraThe NY Times recently reported on a national survey of public and private schools. The survey, entitled 2008 Arts Report Card, is intended to report the status of arts and musical education during the past year. Music and art instruction in American eighth-grade classrooms has remained flat over the last decade, according to [...]

photo credit: Corey AnnNYC School auctions, for both private schools and public schools, are a time-honored way of getting the budget and the school’s requirements to meet in the middle. Many times, parents who own local businesses will donate items or services to the auction, but author Patti Hartigan brings up the dangers of teachers [...]