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Public Schools

SchoolFest 2011

TownSquare is hosting SchoolFest 2011 on Saturday, September 17th from 12 Noon to 4pm for Greenpoint & Williamsburg Brooklyn families. Over 50 schools (private and public), day care centers, college representatives, and other service providers for children in Greenpoint & Williamsburg will be present. Along with information tables, there will be the following workshops to [...]

West 61st street, between Amsterdam and West End Avenues, is a unique street. It is the only block in New York City that has five schools. But it is also a street of changes, as these private and public schools have partnered to beautify the block while building community around it. At events on May [...]

The ability to achieve a lower student to teacher ratio is one of the driving forces for private school enrollment. Especially in a city as large as New York City, there is simply an overwhelming number of students who apply for each single seat in a private school. Parents work tirelessly in order to keep [...]

Teaching to the Test

Passing state standardized tests is one of the freedoms that Private Schools are able to benefit from. The benefit is not in the absence of testing, but in the ability to educate students beyond the boundaries of “teaching to the test.” For many public schools, teachers are faced with the following dilemma. No matter how [...]

The War on Kids, the 2009 winner of Best Educational Film by the New York Independent Film and Video Festival, opens today in Manhattan. Blame for problems with schooling in America is often assigned to insufficient funding or the inherent failings of today's kids. In rare cases, parents, teachers, and administrators are also implicated. However, [...]

Specialized education is no stranger to the NYC educational platform, but there is a group of public schools in NYC that have tightly focused curriculum for students. The NYC Specialized schools consist of Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Technical, which we have discussed here, and High School of American Studies, Queens High School for the [...]

For most parents, private school is a choice because they want to the best possible education for their child, and the low student teacher ratio coupled with a focused academic program offers just that. For some parents, however, private school is a necessity for their children in order to help safeguard them from the public [...]

Private Schools, especially in NYC, often work in tandem with Public Schools to use and fund athletic fields. In a city such as NY, the availability of large tracts of land for use as athletic facilities is at a premium, so it makes sense to share these resources among the community in both the private [...]

Athletics in Private Schools and Public schools don’t often compete in many geographic areas, but in South Florida their competition has become a part of a growing debate over finances, resources and recruiting as budget cuts are forcing some schools to attempt to limit their team travel expenses. The Miami Herald reported on the discussions [...]

The status of the Educational System in NYC, the quality of the schools and staff as well as the subject of where the control of NYC schools should lay with have all been hot topics. In a city where not everything is as it seems, most people still take offense when a duck and feint [...]

Pay to Play in Public

CNN has a new report about the Pay to Play system that is becoming increasingly common in Public Schools across the nation. As the economy has forced public schools to cut budgets in every and any way, more and more schools have been forced to adopt new measures to close the gap in their budgets. [...]

photo credit: Jamie L. WilliamsAs much as NYC Private Schools has covered the importance of Athletic programs to the overall education of our youth, there are still policies and politics that do not seem to reflect that belief. According to the Ithaca Journal, there is a policy under vote to exclude Private School students from [...]

photo credit: SarihuellaNew York Schools are like any other facility populated by a large group of people; they have germs and spread them. In most instances simple cleaning does the trick, however the recent cases of H1N1 flu have been taken seriously and some schools are closing their doors for a few days to start [...]

photo credit: drewzhrodagueOutfitting every private and public NYC school with a AED, or Automated External Defibrillator, may seem confusing to some people that only associate school facilities with healthy young adults not prone to heart conditions, however that isn’t always the case. Schools are a unique gathering place for a diverse group of individuals from [...]

photo credit: Alex BarthEvery year, parents wait to find out if their child was accepted, or not, to a NYC Private School. It has always been understood that there was no guarantee of acceptance, and many parents held out in the knowledge that their zoned public school was an obvious alternative. This year, however, there [...]

photo credit: funkblast The differences between New York Private Schools and New York Public schools varied depending on the location and general atmosphere as well as the all-important student/teacher ratio. The factual differences, however, are easily seen. Factual Differences in New York Private Vs. Public 1. Cost 2. Admissions 3. Regulatory Governance Public schools cannot [...]

No discussion on public schools vs. private schools in NYC can take place with the talk turning to available academic programs between the two. Obviously there are schools that are the exception to every rule, both public and private, but as a benchmark discussion you can safely say that public schools are designed to target [...]