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"Intensive yet not intense." That is the general outlook of parents whose children attend the Alexander Robertson School. This school has a fantastic variety in its curriculum. From music and language to Physical Education and special programs, every child enrolled in this school enjoys a full array of classes. "The Alexander Robertson School offers the [...]

The Rodeph Sholom School

The Rodeph Sholom School is a Jewish school built on a very important learning structure; the N-8 structure, challenging academics and integrated secular and Judaic studies.These structures allow students not only to learn the highest quality academics, but to integrate Reform Jewish qualities into every day living. N-8 Learning Structure. This structure allows students to [...]

Play Hard and Study Hard

When parents push their children to succeed at all times and in all ways, they often find that their children eventually start to either push back or stop responding at all. As with all things in life, a balance has to be found in order to achieve real results. One of the most common complaints [...]

Teachers Have Impact

Finding the best educational opportunities for a child goes well beyond choosing the NYC Private School that looks like a perfect match or the NYC Public School that has a great G&T program. A school is more than the sum of its facilities and the philosophy that is written on its homepage. A school is [...]

In times where the amount of money spent on educating each individual student is spent under the strictest of scrutiny, there are millions who decry that the simple lack of funds is what is crushing so many schools. More money would equal better schools, better educated children who could move on to compete in colleges [...]

Too Young for School

One of the most important decisions we make for our children occurs before the first day of school. When will we send them is a question that is more important than most parents give it credit for. A quick and reflexive response detailing chronological age is not an appropriate response. Commonly, there is almost a [...]

Safety and Schools

School safety procedures are created to protect your child and the other children and faculty within the school. Just as a concerned parent child-proofs their home in order to keep young children away from dangers, so too does a school try and create boundaries to protect even older students. One of the most important safety [...]

Vouching for Education

The argument over tax credits for Private School tuition, vouchers for Private School tuition or about funding, refunding or fund-a-mental public money used to support Private Schools sparks an intense debate from all sides of the argument. When it comes to the education of our children its understandable that the discussion evokes such strong emotional [...]

Handling Conflict in School

The relationship of a student with their teachers and school faculty are a vitally important link in the quality of that student’s education. We stress so often that one of factors that enables Private Schools to be so incredibly effective is the simple fact that they choose students who are a good match for the [...]

School Days and Sick Days

Before your alarm even goes off in the morning, when only a hazy gray light is filtering from the windows, you hear that sound. That small, painful moan that tells you your child is sick. For some parents, this is the moment where they make some decisions. How sick is he/she? Is it a cold [...]

Evolution of the Library

The technology in our children’s classrooms is constantly changing, but few places is that evolution more apparent than in the libraries. As adults, we expect changes in how classrooms look and feel and show surprisingly little reaction to advances made, but the almost sacred grounds of the library are often a focal point for parent’s [...]

The differences between a private school education and a public school education can be discussed in thousands of ways down to smallest of details, depending on what you are looking for to compare. For many parents, however, the choice comes down to a handful of key comparisons. Greatschools.org has included some of these points in [...]

Tax credits for families with children attending Private Schools can vary widely and each family should take care to understand the tax credits that apply to their particular state and situation. Many families need the benefits offered by tax credits in order to fit the cost of a top education into their family budgets. However, [...]

NYC Private Schools can be competitive and difficult to gain admissions to because they work hard to find students and families that are the right match to the school. A school has a unique philosophy of education and specific goals for the school itself and its student body. Even if an applicant has the best [...]

There are many reasons to volunteer in your child’s school. Your child’s school is their world outside of your home and as a responsible and caring parent you most likely want to know who is involved in that part of your children’s lives. Many parents assume that classroom volunteer work is synonymous with the “Classroom [...]

As more and more entertainment magazines, books, movies and television shows are focusing on the Private School world, many parents are finding themselves planting a foot firmly on the side of promoting school uniforms. My daughter spends more time studying what clothes are cool and what can’t be worn anymore than she does studying for [...]

NYC Students Rally Together

NYC students are known for fierce independence and determination, so it should come as no surprise that many of them are organizing official public protests against Regulation A-812, commonly called the Bake Sale Ban. The NYC Students blog, written by students in the city, announced a call for a public protest against the ban on [...]

New York Students are some of the first among those that are receiving the new H1N1 flu vaccine. Inoculations began this past week for students in both public and private schools in New York, an area hard hit by last year’s surprise outbreak. CNN reported on the initial vaccinations: For 13-year-old Brandon Marti, the intranasal [...]

Budget Cuts in NYC Schools

NYC Schools are facing unprecedented budget cuts that are seriously damaging their ability to serve their students with the extra programs and assistance that have allowed them to regain their successful credentials in recent years. In a recent article in the NY Times, some of the schools programs affected were highlighted. The band class at [...]

Many NYC Private Schools have been spending a large portion of their funding to upgrade and modernize their libraries and media centers. The libraries that previous generations were familiar with are changing, morphing, moving fast to both take advantage of and keep up with the pace of available technology. For those who believe that digitizing [...]

Taking your child out of day care or preschool for doctor’s appointments and other “normal business hours” type of activity is something that happens to every family. After all, you occasionally need to take time off of work or hire a babysitter to take over your parenting duties when you have an event scheduled, so [...]