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Special Needs

St. Francis De Sales School for the Deaf is a special needs school in Brooklyn, New York City. The school offers programs for infants as well as school-age children up through eighth grade. They offer an early intervention program for infants along with a lower school and an upper school. The upper school is a [...]

Mary McDowell Friends School is a Quaker school for children with learning disabilities. This Brooklyn private school consists of a Lower School, Middle School, and an Upper School. The Middle School program at Mary McDowell Friends School is made up of sixth through eighth grades. The curriculum consists of extended Language Arts and math classes [...]

Resources for Children with Special Needs will sponsor a Special Needs Camp Fair on Saturday, January 26, 2013. There will be over 70 sleepaway and day options, in addition to remedial education programs. Over 4,000 people attend the fair each year. * Find the right summer program for your child * Meet the camp directors [...]

PlayTogether NYC Preschool is a Manhattan-based preschool for children ages 2 through 4. This Upper West Side school is open from 9am until 1pm with an option to stay until 2:30. There is an open admission policy so children may be added at any time during the year. Parents may enroll their children for 2 [...]

Brooklyn Autism Center Academy is a school for Autistic children that uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach children ages 5 to 16. The academy employs a one-on-one approach to autistic education ensuring that each child receives the individual attention that they need. The Brooklyn Autism Center Academy focuses on teaching children both academic courses along [...]

Preschool children with special needs have few resources to help them get a head start on education. Established in 1981, the Child Study Center Of New York is one of those resources. The center approaches special needs education from several disciplines including speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, physical therapy, and art/music therapy. CSC is a [...]

Mark Your Calendars Early! Resources for Children with Special Needs will sponsor a Special Needs Camp Fair on Saturday, January 28, 2012. There will be over 60 sleepaway and day options, in addition to remedial education programs. * Find the right summer program for your child * Meet the camp directors * Spanish and sign [...]

Sunshine Developmental School is one preschool that lives up to its name. Designed for children ages 3 to 5, the school offers a center-based therapeutic environment that nurtures and encourages. Programs offered by Sunshine School include: Full day classes in English, Spanish, Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi, and Bengali Half day classes in the same languages Full and half [...]

Focus On Rebecca School

Rebecca School is located on East 30th Street in Manhattan. The school is a therapeutic day school serving children ages 4 through 21. The foundational philosophy of Rebecca School is that relationships are the cornerstone of learning. That's why faculty at the school use the model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, the Developmental Individual Differences [...]

Focus on The Lang School

The Lang School is a unique New York City private school for children kindergarten through eighth grade that opened its doors in September 2010. Its focus is on twice exceptional children called 2e. Twice exceptional children are children with high potential/gifted, but they have other challenges such as ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, dyslexia, anxiety, sensory processing [...]

The Summit School is a special school for special needs children located in Queens, NYC. Established in 1968, The Summit School has a reputation for giving special needs children the individualized attention they need to succeed in life. The Summit School currently serves almost 300 students with diverse backgrounds at two sites in Queens. The [...]

West End Day School is an elementary school located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The focus of the school is on children who have "mild to moderate learning, language, and/or emotional issues." Faculty provide a safe and nurturing environment for children who may not fit into the mainstream educational culture. Classes are kept [...]

The Ideal School of Manhattan is an independent private non-profit school that serves pre-kindergarten through eighth grade children with special needs. The school is located at 4 W. 76th Street in Manhattan. Education at The Ideal School of Manhattan is characterized by individual learning, small class sizes, low student-teacher ratios, team teaching, instructional flexibility, and [...]

On Main Street in Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, there is a school dedicated to providing intellectual and emotional development to students with learning disabilities. That school is The Child School. The Child School was founded in 1973 to allow students who are experiencing difficulties in other educational environments to get the nurturing and encouragement they need [...]

Often, NYC parents of children with special needs struggle to find an appropriate summer program for their children. Big Apple Day Program (BADP) is a new therapeutic summer program that aims to offer an additional choice for NYC parents of children with special needs. Big Apple Day Program (BADP) is a Manhattan co-ed summer day [...]

20 Private Schools In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, like Manhattan, is full of excellent private schools. Instead of just listing and linking to the Brooklyn private schools we've written about on NYC Private Schools Blog, we are going to narrow the list to 20 schools and write a brief synopsis of them. You can still go and read the full post at [...]

St. Joseph's School For The Deaf was started in 1869 to serve as a model school for educating children who are deaf. It is one of eleven schools commissioned by the state of New York as a 4201 school to serve the deaf, blind, and/or physically handicapped. St. Joseph's mission statement says the school will [...]

We strongly recommend the ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival, which is dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities. The festival presents award winning films in various locations throughout the NY metropolitan area, as well as discussions and other engaging programs which bring together the [...]

Resources for Children with Special Needs sponsors a Special Needs Camp Fair on Saturday, January 29, 2011. There will be over 70 sleepaway and day options, in addition to remedial education programs. * Find the right summer program for your child * Meet the camp directors * Spanish and sign language interpreters available * Get [...]

Many a parent have tried to take their child to school only to be told that the school can't accommodate the greatest need. That won't happen the Guild for Exceptional Children in Brooklyn, NYC. The Guild specializes in educational opportunities for disabled children and adults. As such, the school has a licensed early childhood education [...]

Focus On The Smith School

The Smith School is a Manhattan-based private high school that takes in students who couldn't succeed in other educational environments. The unique thing about the school is that it has been very successful in reaching these hard-to-reach students. With a total enrollment of less than 50, class sizes are kept small so teachers can maximize [...]